Apr 28

Have you got yours? I really like this mag, because it’s free (when you buy the Herald, once a month on a Wednesday) and it’s soooo Sydney… stylish, interesting, pretentious, slightly historic and fashionable. When I don’t get it, I feel like I’m missing something.
You can pick it up afterwards from places such as the Academy Twin & the Epping Hotel(!). I guess I can relate to the(sydney)magazine because it’s about places, situations & things I know and see, people I see around but don’t know, things I’d like to buy that I can’t afford, got restaurants that I’d like to try but haven’t got around to.
On the cover this month is Akira Isogowa, if you don’t know who he is, you should be ashamed (ha ha just being a pretentious Sydney wanker). I saw him near Central station once, I guess he was on his way to work at his design studio on Forveaux Street. Which is where nearly every fashion designer in Sydney has their studio.

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Apr 26

Well finally the big day arrived for one of my best friends…she turned 30 and joined the club.
A delicious selection of Italian delicacies was offered at the Hollywood Hotel with a soundtrack of funky broken jazzy beats from DaveG and 80’s & 90’s classics from Thommy, Joanne & me. I wonder how much money they made at the bar that night? A jolly good time was had by most.
Rozie’s playlist of artists (roughly) – Hall & Oates, Sheena Easton, Models, Prince, Talking Heads, The Clash, Beastie Boys, Madonna, Jackson 5, Kate Bush, Technotronic, Vanilla Ice, Chaka Khan, Rock Steady Crew, Pointer Sisters, Martika, Olivia Newton John, Michael Jackson…

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Apr 23

Love’s Brother

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A “hippy” movie about Italian immigrants to Victoria in the 1950’s and the first esspresso machine in Australia. I saw this at Cinema Paris @ Fox (by myself and I’m not ashamed), while my friends went to see Kill Bill 2 in the pleb action cinemas.

Rozie rating: Nicey Nice, Romantic, Nostalgic.

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Apr 04

It’s so far away from the city!

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