May 30

Missy Elliot

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I enjoyed it but Missy’s actual performance was a bit short – maybe only 1 hour and 20 minutes if that. There were two support acts beforehand but no-one was really there to see them. There was shouting, dancing and swearing – what more could you want from a hip hop gig? Missy said that we were all cousins now too.

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Did you see the review of Missy on SMH – she got hammered.
Hip to this rip-off, By Bernard Zuel

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May 26

Sydney Film Festival 2004

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It’s that time of the year again!

I wish I could take 2 weeks off work and indulge in “hippy” movies of the world.

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May 26

It’s that time of the month again

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For the(sydney)magazine – money i$$ue.

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May 24

How did they know I was bitchin’ about this?

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Wanda Dee has been touring as The KLF for the past 12 years and toured
Australia as The KLF in 1993 playing to a sold-out show of 18,000 at
Australia’s Wonderland.

I do truly hope that you put aside the usual negativity in the press and
remember that this event is 10 hours long with Australia’s biggest dance
DJs and THREE MASSIVE acts performing LIVE for 3 HOURS of that 10 with 14
performers. It’s about having a great time with some classic tunes.

You find me this kind of gig for $76 and I’ll be amazed!!

Best Wishes

Sweatfest World Tour 2004

BTW Did you know that Wanda Dee’s husband (and I think musical collaborator) is the guy who played Jerome on Fame??? I read that in 3D World.

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May 19


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So all you cool people should already know about this doco/film, but incase you don’t – it’s the “Bowling for Columbine” for obesity in America. Apparantly when the doco was made, DETROIT was the phattest (Imean fattest) city on the USA, obviously these people haven’t been dancing to some mad techno. Anyways, I thought the film was fantastic. Thanks to Frigid/Cryo for the freebies. A free movie is a good movie!
Rozie Rating: Very interesting, funny & scary at the same time.

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May 15

Reach 2004 Concert

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Scantily Clad Dancers at the Reach Concert
My friend at work designed the poster for this event which was organised by his friend from Uni. Apparantly this guy just decided to organise this charity event out of the goodness of his heart for the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA). CCIA’s vision is to save the lives of all children with cancer and eliminate their suffering. (And why wouldn’t you want to do that?)
The venue was the Star City Casino Showroom which has cabaret style seating (where you are seated at a table to watch the show). The live performances included Jon Stevens (who actually has a very good, strong voice and was a nice guy), Candice Alley (looks like Hillary Duff and was the subject of one of the “charity auction” items, Daniela Scala formerly of Scandal’Us (of Popstars2 fame – who has a pretty good voice and played the piano) and Rocky, Habib & Pauly from Fat Pizza (these guys were so funny – you either love them or hate them)! A string of scantily clad dancers from various dance schools performed some routines in between the singers.
Nearer the end of the night, they played a video from the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia showing small children talking about their illness which really pulled the heartstrings and surely made everyone decide to give more money during the auction.
Ok, you might think we are tight… but we didn’t pay to attend, we received complimentary tickets. We did buy a book of raffle tickets on arrival though. Normally this kind of enetertainment is not our cup of tea but I felt bad because no-one else at work was interested. I thought it would be nice to support the cause.

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May 15

Surry Hills Festival

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The Surry Hills Festival is an event organised by the Surry Hills Community Centre to raise money for after school care, the library and other “hippy” things for the people of the community. It felt weird this year to “travel” to the festival, rather than walk around the corner to be there. Crown Street between Forveaux & Devonshire was where the action was and boy was it crowded! There were assorted music stages at each intersection for people to be “dancing in the street”, I like to dance in the street – it’s what old people do for fun on special occasions. Unfortunately I didn’t get to dance on Crown Street this year:cry: There was plenty of food and I had two servings of my festival favourite … Hot Corn on the Cob! Even though 2 friends reported feeling very sick that night, I don’t think it was the festival food but the excess alcohol that was consumed! Krispy Kreme donuts were being sold to raise money…
How to Meet Women: Lesson 1 – Walk around with a Krispy Kreme box and women will just come up to you and say, “Where did you get those???” Then you can say, “If you give me your phone number, I’ll tell you.”:wink:

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May 10

Survivor All-Stars

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Just finished watching the final episode of Survivor All-Stars. It was definitely the most enjoyable season yet as all the contestants were previous Survivor competitors who knew how to “play the game”! All my workmates are avid viewers as well, so we have a discussion about it after each episode. If I didn’t watch it – I’d be out of the loop. It’s better than Big Brother – all they do is sit around a house and winge to get a million dollars. At least these guys have to really work it! Anyway… pretty, skinny little Amber won the million bucks and she also got engaged to Boston Rob, so she had a really good night.
The TWIST that they were plugging on TV was that the audience can vote for their “favourite” Survivor (who will also win a million bucks) – so go to and vote now:grin:!

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