Jun 30

Jo on her 31st b'day
Josie had her big 31st birthday drinks at Bar Cleveland. Friends from Linenoise, Mac Uni and the streets came to enjoy 1/2 price cocktails and wish Jo a happy b’day. Upstairs was a monthly Northern Soul night, you know Motown styles, but why is is called Northern Soul??? We never went to there when we lived down the road! See more photos here

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Jun 19

My japanese name is 猿渡 Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.

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Jun 16

Ladies and gentlemen, they are finally here! After 16 months of hard work, RetroForward and NewOrderOnline are proud to present to you Community and its sibling CommunityEP.

Just a reminder, Community was a contest launched in March 2003 on NewOrderOnline.com where members of the website were invited to participate in a chance to have a song on an upcoming tribute album, we had over 80 registrations, after the summer of 2003, 60 cover versions were submitted to us, then started the very long elimination process in which all members of NewOrderOnline were required to vote, from 60 we passed to 16, so these are the 16 best songs as voted by the NewOrderOnline members.


  1. kREMLIN – Sooner Than You Think (UK)
  2. Captain Black – Procession (UK)
  3. Evaluna – Thieves Like Us (USA)
  4. Labster – Face Up (GRE)
  5. Project Wintermute – Transmission (AUS)
  6. Unfaith – True Faith (CAN)
  7. Cloudless – Some Distant Memory (USA)
  8. Sligthlynarrow Soundsystem – Heart and Soul (IR)
  9. C Bentley – In A Lonely Place (USA)
  10. Dance Upon Nothing – Bizarre Love Triangle (USA)
  11. International – The Perfect Kiss (BRZ)
  12. Flight – Dreams Never End (UK)
  13. Spiral of Silence – Dead Souls (BEL)
  14. La Fin De Tout – 586 (FRA)
  15. The Minus One – We All Stand (GRE)
  16. almanso – Angel Dust (ARG)


  1. almanso – Ceremony (ARG)
  2. The Minus One – Dreams Never End (GRE)
  3. Manumatic – Love Less (USA)
  4. C Bentley – Temptation (USA)
  5. almanso – Angel Dust (Remix) (ARG)
  6. Known Pleasures – Leave Me Alone (UK)
  7. Nemesis – Crystal (GRE/ARG)

Also, LTM present a second compilation of stone classic old school 80’s electro and dance cuts produced by Be Music, the tag used by New Order, as well as Donald Johnson, Mark Kamins and Arthur Baker. Twice As Nice will be available both on CD and as a limited (1000 copies) DJ friendly double vinyl set. Twice As Nice is the sequel to our hugely successful 2003 compilation Cool As Ice. These tracks were produced between 1982 and 1986 for release on Factory Records, Factory Benelux and Les Disques du Crepuscule

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Jun 15

Cyia’s 30th B’day

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Cyia's 30th
Cyia celebrated her 30th Birthday on the Sunday night of the Queen’s Birthday weekend with a drunken session at the world famous Karaoke World. As you do! Memorable songs performed included: Toxic, Milkshake, Dancing Queen, Billie Jean, Bohemian Rhapsody, American Pie – the ultra extended version & Especially For You! A joyous but often off key night was had by all…until we left and two drunk guys on the street had a run in with the drunk guys with us. Run Forrest Run!!!

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Jun 09

Kym’s B’day

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Kym celebrated her XX? b’day with a night of trivia at the Woolpack Hotel, Redfern. Kym wore a lovely new scarf which she had knitted herself. 😀 It was my first proper night of pub trivia and it was lots of fun. I like trivia – especially music and movies – it’s so trivial. The question of the night was “Who sang…’Damn, wish I was your lover’?” – it was a one hit wonder and the answer was killing me!!! 😡
The answer of course was Sophie B Hawkins.

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