Jul 31

Kevin Mun Wai Yuen

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Last photo of Goong Goong
1.10.1913 – 31.07.2004
My Goong Goong (my mum’s dad) passed away after a long, long, long illness with dementia which became a form of Alzheimer’s. :sad::sad::sad: This photo was taken on Sunday 25 July at home in Parramatta.
Funeral details:
Northern Suburbs Crematorium;
North Chapel;
Tue 10 August 2004
from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
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Jul 20

I am starting a new job as a Designer/MacOperator @ an advertising agency next week. My last day at my current workplace will be next Wednesday and I start my new job on Thursday. I will be working on the one very corporate account, so not very creative but very busy. I really needed a change and was tired of hearing my bosses try to kill each other all the time. I’m freaking out about starting this new job, but very happy too 🙂
It’s going to be so great to work in “civilisation” again – somewhere you get a choice of food other than a milk bar or an overpriced cafe, where you can do your shopping, banking etc within walking distance rather than be stuck in the public transport unfriendly industrial hole known as South Sydney.

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Jul 09

Tank Nightclub & Metro Area

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Dave, Josie, Kym & I finally ventured down to the well known but never visited by us, Tank. A big effort considering it was the first rainy & cold winter’s night this year. I always had the impression that it was a bit “exclusive” with an older crowd (which may have been the case when it first opened) but it was actually a really nice place. 😛 I even wore “normal” shoes instead of trainers just in case they wouldn’t let me in, but that was not necessary:!: Tank has a very New York done up warehouse feel, and is quite big – I thought it was going to be a “divey” little place like Chinese Laundry – and the crowd was much better too. It did cost $25 to get in which is an OK/average price to see an international DJ in Sydney. Unfortunately Darshan Jesrani’s music let us down, it had some good “Metro Area” moments but after an hour the slight cheese factor got the better of us and we went home. Hey it was 2:30am and we’re not as young as we used to be!
See photos here

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Jul 03

Thommy’s B’day Luncheon

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A lovely grown up luncheon was served to celebrate Thommy’s at his house in “East” Redfern. Highlights included Portuguese tarts provided from secret shop in Petersham by Justine.

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