Sep 23

I don’t like working with animals or talking about politics

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Just Not John

Also check out Not Happy John site . The NHJ people have been working Epping train station nearly every day since the election was called. I don’t like to discuss who I vote for – not even with my husband. Why? Well, it used to be because I didn’t vote for anyone. Now… well I know who I’m not voting for. I was completely against Australia being involved in the war in Iraq. I resent that John Howard’s actions have caused me to worry that every time I catch a peak hour train into the city, a terrorist attack may happen. NB. I catch a train into the city EVERY week day.

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Sep 21

2nd Wedding Anniversary

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Time flies when you live in “domesticated suburban bliss”. We celebrated by having dinner at Salt of Kirketon Hotel/Luke Mangan fame. The food was delicious and fancy, the service friendly and attentive. They even deemed us good looking enough to have the front window seat which faces Darlinghust Road. NB. The traditional 2nd anniversary gift is China (as in homeware) and the modern gift is cotton.

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Sep 14

Finally got my self one of those sexy iPods, now “i” join the secret society of trainspotters who do not to acknowledge each other but know that if your headphones are white, you are cool 😉 Will have to put the ol’ Sony MD into retirement.

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Sep 03

Sneaker freakin’

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n.i.c.e. a.d.i.d.a.s
I really want a new pair of trainers. Of course when you really want to buy some, there is nothing out there. I did see a pair of OK Pink/grey Nike’s but I don’t do Nike. I only rock Adidas (like Run DMC & the Beastie Boys). Anyway this pair featured is hot but, sold out of course. NB. Green is the big colour for this season.

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