Dec 31

A NYE party by two of Sydney’s most eclectic collectives was surely one to look forward to. One, new school with a great sense of retro humour, the other, a legendary Sydney stalwart of groundbreaking underground events. As someone who has spent many dollars and many efforts on NYE events over many years (thatís right Iím no perky spring chickie), this was a refreshing change to the overpriced, overhyped events of recent years. At only $15 at the newly renovated, clean, comfortable upstairs @ Newtown venue, you couldnít complain. Luckily, Dave & I had freebies because I was taking photos for ITM, so that made it even better. I almost didnít get in though because for the first time in 10 years I FORGOT MY ID!! My excuse was that I had just got back from Melbourne in the afternoon and had changed bags. Dave of course was not happy – heíd have to drive me all the way home to get it. I decided to try buttering up the security woman first. Fortunately, as Dave is a member of Newtown RSL, she said he could simply sign me in as his guest, whew!

The room was getting quite full by the time we arrived about 11pm. Not many people dancing yet to a great electro/electronic set by OLLO. Alternating between a Frigid and a Popfrenzy DJ each played for half an hour. That would be good if you didnít like what someone was playing because the next DJ would be on soon. I enjoyed everything that was played that night from 80ís pop, electro, reggae, mashup stuff, classic electronic/rave tracks, hip hop, polka and even metal (it was only one song)! There was big screen Galaga and Pacman for the boys on a side wall. Superlight did some great visuals, which complemented each DJís set. I especially enjoyed the old school 80ís scenes such as: Bros, Cyndi Lauper, Family Ties, Bill & Tedís Excellent Adventure, Masters of the Universe and G-Force. The midnight balloon drop was a delight as seen earlier this year at Popfrenzyís ďThe PromĒ.

There were lots of people we knew there which made it fun too. Itís been so hard to convince our various friends to attend the same event together in recent years. I guess we arenít all mad clubbers and ravers anymore. We left @ Newtown when the security woman from the beginning of the night told Dave he couldnít sleep there, if he wanted to sleep, he had to go home. So we did. A fabulous night was had and I was happily tucked into bed by the decent hour of 4am.

See photos on ITM here

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Dec 29

Melbourne 2004

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Went down to Melbourne with Jo, Nadia, Kristy H and Amelia via Virgin Blue. I was on holidays between Xmas & NY but Dave wasnít, so I decided to crash the girls holiday. I tried to pack as much into 2 and a half days as I could. Unfortunately the other girls were going to be there for a whole week and so didnít see the urgency of doing much each day.

Highlights for me was checking out Federation Square (I like it) and the National Gallery of Victoria, the new ďAustralianĒ one in Fed Square and the old ďInternationalĒ one refurbished on St Kilda Road. It was also great to catch up with Martin & Gaby at the tail end of their world tour. Their Melbourne friends really enjoy their reality television and had a big Amzing Race Finale party. There was shouting and screaming, like it was a footy final or something. It was so much fun to be with people who appreciate such fine entertainment.

I almost missed my plane on the way home as I didnít quite know how to get to the bus depot at Spencer Street station. I should have checked in at 1:45pm, but didnít get to the airport til 2pm, when the plane was taking off at 2:15! I was the second last person on the plane. Whew! See the pics here.

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Dec 19

Long time no blog

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It’s not that I haven’t done anything recently, it’s just that I’m too busy! BTW Christmas is coming. I have time off between Xmas and new year – woo hoo, so i will catch up on evrything in blogland then.

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Dec 19

Linenoise Annual Christmas Picnic

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What happens at the exclusive Linenoise Xmas party? We eat, we swim, we give nutty gifts to the value of $10.
See photos here

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Dec 18

Fish 1 died :(

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Maybe Fish 2 killed him… I’ll have to call CSI Epping.

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