Jan 31

The Beastie Boys played an AWESOME set at the Hordern Pavillion. Saw them in 1999 in Newcastle too. I have loved them since Licensed to Ill came out in 1986. My friend taped it for me (on a cassette), about 13 years later, I got it on CD. The vinyl is so expensive now :(. The opening segment was MixMaster Mike who is just amazing! Then the Beasties came out and “rocked the house”, people were going crazy – it was a great night. As an older fan, I preferred to take my seat in the back of the stadium (in the middle), this way I didn’t get moshed on (re- Newcastle 1999). They opened with Egg Man from Paul’s Boutique. The second song was Brass Monkey and the hits just kept coming. I can remember some songs they didn’t do like Hey Ladies and Fight For Your Right. They missed a few lines a couple of times but the visuals/video segments (fans before the show requesting songs/bloopers of people hurting themselves etc) were gold. Money Mark came out and the boys did a nice In Sound from Way out mellow set, dressed in lovely light blue suits. I needed to go to the toilet when they said goodnight, but I knew they would come back out again. On my way back they had already started Intergalactic, suddenly there were people all around where we were sitting, I just thought everyone was very excited to hear this track and pushed my way back to my seat. Then I realised the Beaties had suddenly appeared at the back of the arena, just metres from where we were now standing and I missed half of it! I’ll never go to the toilet again! See pics here
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Set List
Egg Man, Brass Monkey, Triple Trouble, Root Down, Pass The Mic, Body Movin’, Super Disco Breakin’, Sure Shot, Shake Your Rump, Sabrosa, Ricky’s Theme. Lighten Up , Something’s Got To Give, An Open Letter To Nyc, Time To Get Ill, We Got The, Right Right Now Now, Three Mcs And One Dj, So What’cha Want, Ch-Check It Out, Intergalactic, Gratitude, Sabotage

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Jan 29

Mad Racket & Herbert

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Nothing like trying to find a carparking space in the city on a Saturday night in Summer. Especially when there was also Opera in the Domain. A nice set from Ollo with new found vocals added. I think Alex sounds a bit like David Sylvian. I liked the first hour of Herbert’s set but it wasn’t doing much for me after that. maybe it was the syomach ache I had – thank you IBS. Obviously the crowd was a bit annoying but we were at the Sydney Festival Bar, not Marrickville Bowlo. I LIKED the Abracadabra moment 🙂 It would have been so cool if we got everyone from Linenoise in a photo together. It’s been so long since we all went to the same “dance” party!!
Oh well, check these pics anyway…

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Jan 24

The big summer festival coming up (isn’t Big Day Out – that’s for kids) Good Vibrations Festival kindly responded to my email of concern.

From: duncan@xxxxxx.com.au
Subject: RE: Toilets @ GVF
Date: 24 January 2005 6:42:44 PM
To: roziewong@xxxxx.com.au

Hi Rozie,

I am happy to confirm that peeing will be somewhat more pleasurable this time round with double the convenience to double your convenience.
Amp Fiddler will be amazing!
Glad you are looking forward to the event.
Duncan @ Jam

—–Original Message—–
From: Rozie Wong [mailto:roziewong@xxxxx.com.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 18 January 2005 11:26 PM
To: Info
Subject: Toilets @ GVF

To whom it may concern,
I really really hope you get plenty of girls’ toilet facilities at this years GVF in Sydney. Last year saw a disgraceful lack of public conveniences and some disgraceful acts of public urination! Other than that, keep up the good work! Looking forward to Amp Fiddler especially!

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Jan 21

Finally I have been asked to DJ at a Popfrenzy night, the occasion was Cutz + Tbird’s B’day at the new Popfrenzy night, King Hit. I was soooo excited!! Years of buying records and haven’t had a gig in a real night club since 1991. When I arrived at Suzie Q’s, Wu greeted me with, “there’s a little problem, there’s no electricity!” Waaahhh. I just sat on my record box thinking “Damn, I finally get a gig and there’s no juice!” Thankfully the strains of Relax by FGTH came through loud and clear about 15 minutes later.

I played for an hour and a half with such glorious 80’s tunes from MJ, Madonna, Eurythmics, Blondie, Human League, ONJ, Rockwell, Rock Steady Crew, Vanilla Ice, Technotronic, Pointer Sisters, Freeze, Nu Shooz & Duran Duran. Had a top night, hopefully the birthday girls did too with my ladies top tune selections. AND no-one abused me and said my music was shit! Got quite a few requests though!

See photos here.

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Jan 20

Tortoise @ The Beck’s Festival Bar

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Tortoise are post-rock. Dave said they were good and we should check them out. I didn’t really know their stuff but it turned out to be a pretty top night. I loved the way the band members swapped instruments between songs. There were two sets of drumkits which were at the front of the stage instead of the usual back. I hate it when you buy tickets and then you end up getting freebies, luckily some friends were interested in coming along and shared in the ticket price.

I got a VIP pass for taking photos for In The Mix which allowed me into the “special” cafe/lounge area. VIP areas are a bit of a wank, but at least I got to use the clean toilets! It also provided some nice shelter from the pouring rain that night.

Photos on ITM.

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Jan 14

Dave & I DJ’d at a friend of a friend’s brother’s wedding. It was a bit of a last minute thing, but I thought it wold be fun. I was asked to play eighties music as the bride and groom were in their 30’s.

Unfortunately, the mother-of-the-bride came up to us immediately after putting on the first song and told us our music was terrible, actually, “it was shit”. She did not put it nicely, she said it was shit and she didn’t want to hear it! Other people also had their opinion of what we should play eg. ABBA.

One guy almost picked a fight with Dave, he suggested he play something more “approachable” like Coldplay instead of the very funky Michael Jackson track that was on.

Another girl came and told me that the Tears for Fears song I was playing right near the end of the night was terrible and stood there and gave me a dirty look for 3 minutes. Some of the guests were having a great time dancing away to all the 80’s hits I brought (there was even a little 70’s and 60’s for the oldies and Noughties stuff too). I know you can’t please everyone when it comes to music, but some of the people were plain rude. Dave and I were shocked at the way these people spoke to us. We were still reeling 3 days afterwards. I will probably never ever DJ at a wedding again.

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Jan 08

Idol Spotting

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I was having a coffee with Josie & Beta at Tropicana Cafe last night when Beta said to me, “Isn’t that Courtney across the road”? I turned around and indeed it was the big man himself coming out of a fancy restaurant. Then I saw a blonde girl with who was Hayley, then Dan Bell, Chanel, Anthony and my favourite Ricki-(YOU WERE ROBBED!!!)Lee with him as well. I, of course was very excited to see so many of my reality tv favourites in the same place (and not on the telly but in reality – the irony of it all). Then they all walked down the street together and we went back to our conversation. When we left shortly afterwards, I thought I saw “our 2nd Australian Idol” Casey talking to some people at another cafe, it turned out to be some homeless woman with dishevelled hair and the same body type asking for money. Bwah ha ha.

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