Apr 27

My teenage pop idol, Brian Mannix (who?), the lead singer of 80’s Melbourne rock/pop group the Uncanny X-Men was on Spicks and Specks tonight. What a thrill to see him after all these years. He didn’t look too worst for wear actually. The last time I saw him was at Star City Showroom because he was the producer of “Countdown, The Musical” in the late 90’s. It was one of our first “cultural” outings (ie, not going to a techno party) when Dave and I were courting.

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Apr 25

My friends Diana & Mark made this:
James Boleslaw
Well done.

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Apr 22

Hey, who sent me a copy of the Pointer Sisters Greatest Hits to my dad’s house???

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Apr 21

Today I got 2 needles & a small filling from the dentist. It cost $240, of which I could claim $77 back from my private health fund. I know I could go to a “cheaper” dentist but I’m used to him, been seeing him for 10 years. It’s a very professional setup, hygenic and I know I’m in good hands. His daughter is in the same private school class as my Dad’s business partner’s daughter – ain’t that nice. I’m contributing to the education of Australian youth then.

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Apr 14

Today I got my ears pierced (again). The first time was in 1990, but they got infected and I let them close up after a year. The “procedure” was done at a beauty/hair/piercing salon in Parramatta Westfield. My brother whom accompanied me was concerned because the only certificates on the wall showed the staff’s qualifications in nose, tongue and belly button piercing, but not ears! Anyway, it’s done now and I have the anti-septic stuff to spray on and I’m twirling them hygienically.

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Apr 09

Rebecca & Chris’ Wedding

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My sister-in-law Rebecca married Chris in a beautiful garden ceremony at the Hunter Valley. A lunch reception followed afterwards. The bride looked so happy & beautiful, see pics here
Congratulations Rebecca & Chris!

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Apr 03

Jack Your Body – the aftermath

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Well, I’m really tired but contented. Putting on parties is such a pain in the ass but also a lot of fun. You’d think after being involved with organising events since 1991, I’d be over it eh? We could have had more people, but with only about 2 weeks promotion it wasn’t too bad. The “Jack-Off” was hilarious, some people are not shy at all! The illuminated podium – what a sensational touch! It was great hear all the old classics and see some awesome old-school hip house styled outfits. See my pics here. OR In The Mix pics here.
Some tracks I played:

  • Eye Know (The Know it All Mix) – De La Soul
  • Don’t Make Me Wait – Bomb the Bass
  • I Don’t Know Anybody Else – Black Box
  • I Come Off – Young MC
  • Oops Up – Snap
  • Ice Ice Baby (Miami Drop Mix) – Vanilla Ice
  • Rockin’ Over the Beat (Rockin’ Over Manchester Hacienda Mix) – Technotronic
  • Mesopotamia – B52’s
  • Back to Life – Soul II Soul (One World Remix)
  • Paid In Full – Eric B and Rakim (7 Minutes of Madness – the Coldcut remix)
  • Pump Up The Volume – M/A/R/R/S
  • Bust a Move – Young MC
  • The Power – Snap
  • Ride on Time (Massive Mix) – Black Box
  • Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry
  • U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
  • Keep it Movin’ (Cause the Crowd Says So) – White Knight
  • Know How – Young MC (Selected by me but mixed in by RZ-1).

Thank you to all our friends (who are DJ’s) and DJ’s (who are also our friends) who helped us make Jack your Body a dream come true. 😉

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Apr 02

Happy Housewarming Adam ‘n Grace

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Sorry we couldn’t make it, see next post for more info.

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