May 30

Photos from Bec’s farewell

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OK they’re a bit late and there’s not many, but it’s the thought that counts.
Photos here.
Why don’t you vist Bec’s blog and find out what nastiness she’s been up to so far!

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May 29

Went for a record shopping expedition to out of town, Blacktown, at the BLACKTOWN DRIVE IN MARKET. Yes, it used to be a drive in movie theatre. I had flashbacks of being there on many a Saturday night in the 80’s with my next-door neighbours because their mum worked for Greater Union selling tickets. Now it was like 300 garage sales put together with hundreds of westies and a lot of junk.
This is what I bought:
Flashdance Soundtrack – Various Artists
Electric Dreams Soundtrack – Various Artists
Locomotion (Chugga-Motion Mix) – Kylie
“Fresh/Mislead” Special Mix – Kool & the Gang
Night Versions Australian Tour ’82 Limited Edition feat Girls On Film & Planet Earth Ext. Mixes – Duran Duran
Rebel Yell 12″ – Billy Idol
Boys 12″ – Sabrina
All up I spent $25 which was more than I wanted to spend on 7 records but when in Rome or Blacktown…

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May 26

I am featured in this ninemsn ad with me workmate Sharon in NW. The one with Best & Worst bikini bodies on the cover.
Rozie ninemsn ad

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May 23

Unfortunately the first concert sold out in an hour and a half and I was spewing that I missed out. I’m going to their second concert with Kate on 31st July instead. We’re in the 2nd row! Ha. Should be fun to rock out in an indie, new wave, punky but miserable like Joy Division way 😉

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May 20

Instead of going the big Kylie concert tonight, had dinner with Pat, Joanne & Dave in C’town then somehow we ended up at the Vice magazine 2nd b’day party at the Gaelic Club (thx BJ). I was one of the straightest and oldest people there. Most of the boys looked like rejects from Franz Ferdinand & Interpol, most of the girls just looked like scrags. Thommy delighted us with his eclectic tunes such as Beastie Boys and Boyz II Men with a touch of Canto-pop. Then a band from Melbourne called Airbourne hit the stage. I thought they were taking the “hard rock/heavy metal” piss, but apparantly they were serious. People were laughing at their mullets, tight jeans and head banging at first, but the crowd eventually got into some crazy punk po-go’ing and violent moshing. While observing this display of youth on free beer, I thought back to about 10 years ago, when I would have been the crazy scrag at a rave and the music would have been “techno” but same ideals I guess. Dress up, go out, get smashed, have a good time, crawl home. I’m sad that I didn’t have my camera on me though.
Then we ventured to Popfrenzy to check out HANG TIME featuring Limited Express (Has Gone?) from Japan. There was a good crowd there who were jiggling to the electro-pop tunes being played by the DJ. The “band” were not really my cup of tea. The lead singer started singing with her back to the audience and eventually came out of her shell to scream some Japanese lyrics which of course I didn’t understand. Then she decided to hang over a speaker with her little Japanese arse in the air…I thought uh-oh she’s doing a Cat Power or something. Anyway it wasn’t really as ironically amusing as Airbourne, so we left. An interesting experience anyhoo.

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May 06


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Dave and I had a very nice 3 days away in Melbourne. The Andy Warhol Time Capsuless exhibition was great. So much stuff/crap to look at! See photos here

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May 03

This is Dave’s interpretation of me South Park style.

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