Jun 18

Jaimie Leonarder’s Audio Visual Slamdunk

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As a fan of the earlier work of Jay Katz such as Moodarama and Sounds of Seduction, I highly anticipated this event as part of the Sydney Film Festival. JLAVSD was held at The Studio at the Sydney Opera House, a cool venue if you’re not seeing opera. The actual show didn’t quite live up to the blurb in the SFF guide but was a fantastic night anyway. Perhaps more people may have attended if they’d known earlier what Jaimie and his new wife and partner in crime Miss Death (should we address her as Ms Death from now on?) was going to present – “a Western take on the roots of Japanese Anime and live action fantasy. They will be selecting material from Television and cinema history.” Anyway there was the first episode of Astro Boy (aka Mighty Atom) on B & W film, a live action version of Astro Boy which apparantly nearly sent the production company broke, early Japanese Sci-fi films with cardboard cutout aliens, giant mutant moths and two-headed monsters and an absolutely f***ing hilarious game show hosted by Takeshi Kitano (in his former sadistic comedian days). I was crying because this was sooo funny – it’s great to make fun of other people’s misfortunes – such as going to a public toilet and having the walls collapse and find yourself in a game of Curling. Jaimie gave interesting and humorous anecdotes about all the footage he presented from the Mu Meson archives and I had a very fun night. Afterwards, Dave and Josie had big dirty slices of cake from a cafe in East Circular Quay and I had some garlic bread. Yum.

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Jun 11

Theo Parrish at Mad Racket

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Had a great night at Mad Racket with Theo Parrish playing the “platters that matter” to my taste this long weekend. We picked up Joanne and Dave and headed down to good ol Marrickville Bowlo. It wasn’t as cold as many previous June Long Weekends that I remember – there’s something wrong with the ozone I believe. Apparantly, Mad Racket were paying for our Marrickville Bowlo memberships, so we filled out application forms instead of the usual visitor’s passes. I guess it will make entry faster in the future and I hope there are many more Mad Rackets in the future. Ken Cloud was playing when we entered. His music was quite “bouncy” – housey/electroey/cheesy? and got the dancefloor started. It was great to see lots of familiar faces there ready for a night of Theo and whatever. Simon Caldwell played a ripper set of his usual stuff which got everyone in the mood for Theo at 2:30am. Simon even included an old hip-house track in his set! So Theo came on & dropped lots of awesome disco-ey, funky, housey stuff. I think a lot of gurners were hoping for more upbeat music and Theo’s penchant for cutting down the volume a lot didn’t help. I really loved what he played and if Dave & I weren’t so darn tired we would have stayed for his whole set. We left at about 4am, and I’m sure that he probably played until they kicked him out at about 6 or 7am.

See Theo Parrish Photos here

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Jun 10

Here’s an interesting concept. This is the kind of thing that is easy and kind of fun to participate in, even if it’s just part of a marketing campaign. Of course, I will be too lazy to get into it but I’ll pass the info on. absolutcut.com.au

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Jun 08

Euro 80’s party

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An 80’s fancy dress party was held at The Burdekin on Oxford Street to celebrate Euro RSCG’s birthday. Since 1986.
I actually asked if I could DJ at this party but it was already all organsied by the time I found out about it. The DJ was Mobydisc, so we got what we expected from Mobydisc styles. Of course, I would have done a much better job – he hardly played any 80’s funk or hip-hop! I don’t think there was any Duran Duran either! Oh well maybe next century then. I had a great time dancing my butt off at this work function – Hard to believe I had so much fun even though I couldn’t take advantage of the free alcohol.
See photos here

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