Jul 31

As I only *love* 3 “rock” bands (that would be Interpol, New Order and the Rolling Stones), it was fantastic.
They “rocked” in a new wave post-punk, minimal but hard way and they looked so cool (even when they smoked – bad example for the kids). Kate & I were in the second row of seats, right behind the dance floor… Sometimes it was hard to see because there isn’t much elevation at the Enmore. Saw lots of people I knew – even the guy I bought a t-shirt from! Didn’t get a discount though.
They opened with Next Exit – very mellow beginnings. The best songs were Slow Hands, Evil and C’mere.
See my pics here

Also, topped and tailed the Interpol gig with Frigid’s 9th B’day (just up the road – how convenient). Nice dubby, reggae-y tunes were being played while we were there. Had the roast of the day – or roast-that-had-been-sitting-there-all-day – very dry – not highly recommended. Dave informed me that the field mushrooms were very good though. Lo-tek were on when we come back. The MC was really pissed, he was slurring and falling about but everyone seemed to be having a good time dancing with him. Happy Birthday Frigid. Still delivering the sweet Sunday musical goods and never losing the plot or the crowd. What an effort to last all these years in fickle ol’ Sydney town.

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Jul 26

Sin City – the movie

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Over-rated! Over violent! Not as good as I thought it was going to be.
BUT, nice art direction and cinematography. Some hot women, and spunky Clive Owen.

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Jul 16

Batman Begins is THE BEST F**K’n HOLLYWOOD MOVIE I’ve seen in years. Loved it! It was deep and meaningful but with lots of gripping action AND 2 hotties (1 good guy – Bruce Wayne, 1 bad guy – Dr Crane). As an old raver, loved the hallucinogenic storyline – what a trippy surprise!
Rozie rating: Fantastique – this is an awesome movie

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Jul 09

Deep Space – Earth

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Deep Space returned from a long dormant period with EARTH at Castles on Castlereagh Street in the city. Sleepy played a nice mixture stuff to get the night started, then James just cranked and slammed it. We were working on the door at this time but it was loud enough even upstairs. Patrick played some funky new stuff and then some techno favourites, we left while Phil was dropping his pumping techno tunes. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t keep up the pace with the rest of the crew. It was a really, really loud (too loud?) & proud night (not in a gay way, more of a Detroit techno way). Check out the pics here

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Jul 03

Triosk live @ Frigid

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See photos here

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