Oct 15

Arrived after lunch break (after having stage 1 root canal therapy) on the first day ready to hear Lee Quinones. The announcer said that other people were speaking next. I was like “what the…?” Turns out that Lee “spit the dummy” because of some technical problems in the morning session. Personally, I think that he was the unprofessional one for refusing to speak just because some equipment wasn’t working. Many people paid good money to hear what he had to say and were very disappointed (like me). He thought he was too good to keep to his promise and appear at RPRSNT. Oh well, at least all the other speakers had something interesting to say.

Angela Boatwright: said “Bullshit” a lot! Had a bad attitude, or just a lot of attitude. Basically said NYC kills it and everywhere else is bullshit, digital photography is bullshit, and she does what she like and you can all shove it, or something like that. She had a negative attitude but her photos are good.

ODD Studio – bunch of geeks with awesome imaginations that have lead them to work on special effects make-up and model, costume, character creation for Farscape and big movies like Star Wars & The Matrix. Amazing showreel, would have like to see more work-in-progress shots, showing the various stages in creating a character in full costume and make up.

UMERIC: fantastic work especially his music videos and animations. Quite humble (wanted to speak in the dark on stage) and really creative. He said “Turn the TV off” which I thought was a good idea and “Good Vibes, One Love, Right On” What a KIWI dude!

ASKEW: Kiwi graf guy. Old school but without the attitude and very positive. Talked a lot about where he came from, how he got there, why he does what he does and had a lot of passion for his thing. Luca from Refill interviewed all of the speakers on stage. Sometimes it was annoying because he’d interupt them. It was good when the speakers ran out of things to say because he could fill in the dead air. Askew was very confident and he could ramble on without assistance.

Brand New School : Bloody hot (corporate) shit! It’s weird to see this stuff and find out that they were doing this 4 years ago and really in Australia people are only doing the kind of animation/graphics/ideas now. Oh well, someone had to do it first. What I thought looked so hot right now, they did so long ago, they’re over it!

Supreme/aNYthing/Neckface: a pretty crap session. They were really ripped and weren’t even slightly serious for their time on stage. Felt sorry for Luca at this point, he’d ask a question and get one word response if he was lucky! They perked up a bit when it was question time from the audience. I even asked a question! “How did you get the name Neckface?” It was a long winded answer about some kid he knew who licked his lips alot (his own, not Neckface’s lips) and liked watching action films and punching people in the neck. Basically Neckface wanted a name that no-one else had.

Pablo Ferro: What a legend, it was great to have a seroius old skool designer speaking at RPRSNT. Someone who is an innovator and did stuff BEFORE computers! He was a nice guy, very humble and sweet. There was a massive queue to get his autograph afterwards.

Lizzy Finn: A nice girl from England. Seems to be one of the first people to do the crafty thing in design, now everyone is doing it. She wasn’t the best public speaker but her work was very cool.

Soul Assassins (Mr Cartoon, Estevan Oriol & Rob Abeyta): Mr Cartoon did most of the talking, he seemed to be the more senior one of the group. Although I’m not into tattoos, hardcore rap or souped up cars, I found what he had to say really inspiring and informed. They also had great photos of their artwork on famous artists/celebrities such as Eminem, Dre Dre and Pharrell as well as their LA life.

Andy Howell: Old school skater turns successful artist and businessman. He was a really nice guy too and had a lot to say and show but not enough time.

Sure there were a few things that were annoying over the 2 day conference such as Lee Quinones’ no-show, freezing air-con, technical difficulties, late starting of the sessions and Luca’s interviewing style. BUT Overall, RPRSNT was a really inspiring and interesting event. I’m sure it was a mammoth effort to get all those speakers here and organise/promote the event. I hope it was as inspiring to the all the “young ones” attending as it was to an old duck like me.

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Oct 08

Dangerous Minds – the results

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Well, the night was a big success. A full house in the Mandarin Club, lots of entertainment from Maynard and we raised $1550 for the NSW Cancer Council . Thanks to everyone who supported this event (even that really drunk chick who kept calling out the answers!)
See photos here

The Results. Dangerous Minds Trivia Questions Winners

1. Choose Life
2. Bridge over Jamiroqui
3. The Alan Jonestown Massacre
4. The Feldman Sextet
5. The Hazey Fantazees
6. Fluff Burgers
7. Pirates of the Seven Seas
8. Zit Remedy VS Orange Organics
9. The Competition
10. You Can’t Do That on Trivia
11. The A-Team (Floor)
12. The B-Team+ Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
13. Mile High Club + Hey That’s My Bike
14. Alexganquanashrafinia
15. Gloria Estafan’s Miami Sound Machine
16. Team Madge
17. Nice n Sleazy
18. Valley Girls
19. No Idea
20. We Live on Cheese
21. The Misfits
22. The Bombers
23. Tasavale Presidente
24. Sefton Station + Zip Bang Boom
25. Debbie Gibson

80’s Trainspotters

1. The Ra Ra Superstars aka The Hazey Fantazees
2. The Competition + Pirates of the Seven Seas +The A-Team
3. Choose Life + Bridge over Jamiroqui + The Feldman Sextet
4. Debbie Gibson + Zit Remedy VS Orange Organics + The Bombers
5. Valley Girls + Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
6. Mile High Club + Hey That’s My Bike + Gloria Estafan’s Miami Sound Machine
7. Team Madge + You Can’t Do That on Trivia + No Idea + The B-Team + The Misfits
8. Sefton Station + The Alan Jonestown Massacre
9. Fluff Burgers
10. Alexganquanashrafinia
11. Tasavale Presidente
12. Nice n Sleazy
13. We Live on Cheese

90’s Trainspotters

1. Bridge over Jamiroqui + Choose Life
2. Fluff Burgers
3. The Ra Ra Superstars aka The Hazey Fantazees + You Can’t Do That on Trivia + The Feldman Sextet + Zit Remedy VS Orange Organics + Pirates of the Seven Seas
4. Zip Bang Boom + The A-Team + Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
5. Hey That’s My Bike + Mile High Club + The Alan Jonestown Massacre
6. Gloria Estafan’s Miami Sound Machine + Team Madge + The B-Team + The Bombers + The Misfits
7. The Competition
8. Valley Girls
9. Nice n Sleazy + No Idea
10. We Live on Cheese
11. Alexganquanashrafinia
12. Sefton Station
13. Debbie Gibson
14. Tasavale Presidente

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Oct 06

Prizes will be awarded to: The biggest winners and losers of the trivia questions. On-the-spot instant prizes. And of course the raffle where skill and intellect have no place, just lucky numbers.
Here’s a list of all the wonderful prizes you can win at Dangerous Minds:
Cellarmasters – case of Shiraz
Reefer Records – $50 gift voucher
Gifted – CD & t-shirt prize pack
Creative Vibes – CD prize packs
Mad Racket – double pass to their next event
Inthemix.com.au – prize packs
Fuzzy – Parklife merchandise
Design is Kinky – design books/magazine prize packs
Pleasure State – designer lingerie
Labancz Pattisserie – Handmade chocolates
Energizer – Torches
Haigh’s Giant Chocolate Frog
New Woman – magazine prize packs
Giant Jigsaw puzzles
Blue Dragon Restaurant – case of Crown lager
and various donations from our generous private benefactors.
Thanks to all our sponsors, for supporting this event for the NSW Cancer council

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