Dec 30

Cousin’s day

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We have a family tradition to have a cousin’s only day out after Christmas each year. This is what Dave, Jackie, Jamie, Mark and I did:
The MCA– to see art by Erwin Wurm (nutty and interactive) and Keinholz (dark and weird)

Lunch at the Heritage, Belgian Beer cafe Mussels, steak, lamb, fancy beer you know that score.

Imax movie – Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (had to have a short nap during this)
Bronte Beach – sea, sand, some surf…very crowded

Sydney Kings vs Western Sydney Razorbacks at the Kingdome (that’s the Sydney Entertainment Centre if you didn’t know.
The Kings won 109-92 so that made the event even better value!
Then Chinatown for Superbowl dinner.


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Dec 21

I’m so excited

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I have been asked to DJ on NYE at FREAKS & GEEKS – Three sound systems. One low price ($22+bf), presented by my good friends at Popfrenzy and Frigid . For more info on tickets click here. It is an honour to be asked to DJ at a party by the much respected Sub Bass Snarl, not just any party but New Year’s Eve. Like it or not many people take their NYE event very seriously. If it’s not a top night, the scars may take years to mend. I’m going to play….”all killers no fillers!!” I’ve also volunteered to do some decorations in the old school chillout room (where I’m DJ’ing), it’s going to be a re-creation of my bedroom, circa mid 90’s. You may have seen my re-creation of my bedroom circa 1988 at Dangerous Minds earlier this year. Anyway, it’s going to be a top night with great tunes, friendly faces and a “laser” to top it off!

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Dec 13

Life goes on…

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Here’s a few things I’ve done in the past couple of weeks that I’d like to mention:
Just For Kicks – a really cool doco about trainers and people’s obsession with collecting them. Part of Resfest in Sydney at the Newtown Dendy. There was a nice Resfest Lounge to hang out in at the back where it’s normally the carpark.

Bazoo Bajou & Steve Spacek at The Basement Steve Spacek did very mellow, downbeat, smooth soul but with some electronic beats accompanied by a dude on a Powerbook (who turned out to be Mark P from Global Communications). I have to admit when trying to describe his voice, I’d compare him to Marvin Gaye – Whoa – what a compliment, but he does have smooth voice. The DJ from Bazoo Bajou played some pleasant funky dance tracks which also included some dub/reggae sound. he was accopanied by MC Kye who did a few numbers. Quite an enjoyable night but not as packed out as other Future Classic gigs we’ve been to.

High Tea at The Victoria Room, Darlinghust. A gathering of 11 friends organised by Joanne. Luxurious surroundings for a lovely afternoon tea. I couldn’t say it was the best value ($25) after having High Tea at the Swissotel on Market St, City (that was all you can eat), but the atmosphere and the decor made it feel more authentic.
Rozie & Santa
Popfrenzy Xmas Party – the Ho Ho Ho Down – Jo and Andrew did a great job of turning the Mandarin Club into a winter wonderland meets festive pinatas. Lots fun sitting on santa’s knee and poking his stomach!
Big Soup – Ali Reza’s night of awesome electronic music at The Clare – it was a shame there weren’t more people. But as we know there aren’t that many people in Sydney who like “good” dance music. Check out the Big Soup promo mix CD – it’s rad!

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Dec 02

Sad Day

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I felt very sad about Van Tuong Nguyen’s execution this morning. It was a very weird feeling sitting at my desk at 9am and knowing what was happening to this person. I felt compassion for him as he is an Australian from an Asian background and a young man who made a big mistake. But mostly I felt that his punishment did not match his crime and I felt sad all day. More info at Amnesty International The ferocious storm during the night made me think “God must be angry!”, but I don’t reallly believe in God.

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