Mar 23

I almost got run over!

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On Sunday night, I was at a petrol station when a car drove really quickly right behind me. I thought damn they are going a bit fast – they could have hit me! Then a guy came running out the shop shouting, “Stop, stop!”. I thought that they had stolen petrol, but it turned out that the guy shouting had just had his car stolen. So, don’t leave your keys in the ignition when buying petrol. Okies.

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Mar 16

Here are the photos from Studio 33 and a 1/3

These are some of the tracks I played in my “Australian” Australian Rozie set:
Jelly Baby – Wa Wa Nee (It was meant to be Stimulation but I never got to cue up the first record – thx Benn for lending us the needles)
Burn For You & What You Need – INXS
Catch me I’m Falling & Send Me an Angel – Real Life
Xanadu – ONJ (Yeah it’s from an American movie, probably recorded in LA but she’s “our Livvy”!)
Better the Devil You Know & I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie
Too Young For Promises – Koo de Tah
Computer Games – Mi-Sex
Listening – Pseudo Echo
Sweet and Sour – The Takeaways (from the awesome 80’s TV series on ABC)
Out of Mind, Out of Sight – Models
Heaven (Must be there) – Eurogliders
No Say In It – Machinations

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