Jun 21

Here’s the month of June so far:
• Moved house – Waterloo is so hot right now (see Wallpaper Navigator magazine 2005)
• Went to the final Frigid aka Frigid’s 10th birthday. See my photos from the big night here.
• Sydney Film Festival to see ABDUCTION THE MEGUMI YOKOTA STORY . This is a documentary that made me cry – alot. I always cry in any movie but this true story was particularily sad, just when I thought things couldn’t get worse something else would happen. The description by the mother about the afternoon her daughter went missing made me feel so bad about the time I went out with my boyfriend after school and didn’t call my mum. I never realised how worried she would have been when I didn’t come home from school. I did try to call once, but the public phone I used was faulty and I ran out of change. This was before mobile phones ok. Anyway, the directors of the documentary did a Q & A afterwards which was quite informative. They were inspired to do the doco after seeing a report about the situation on the news.
• The Vice Party @ Spectrum, QBar & 34B – it wasn’t as good as last years’ party but I got to see Spankrock and Thommy DJ’d some fine tunes in the 34B area while some scantily clad women danced around a pole. I hadn’t been in QBar since 1997 – that’s a good thing right?

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Jun 21

Gee Yee Yuen 25.11.1916 – 16.05.2006

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paw paw
My dear grandma (my mum’s mum) Gee Yee Yuen, otherwise known in Chinese as “Paw Paw” passed away on May 16th. She was 90 years old, had 6 children, 6 grandchildren and a big house in Parramatta. Also a lover of “Dirty Harry”, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Parramatta Eels and pumpkin. I’m really going to miss her 🙁

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