Nov 27

Kylie Showgirl Homecoming Tour x 2

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I admit it, I’m a long time fan of Kylie’s (since 1987) and I’m not ashamed. So unashamed that I went to the Showgirl Homecoming Tour not once, but twice. Of course, I had to go for gold (seats) which meant that little Kylie didn’t look too little from where we were sitting. I went with Nads to the Entertainment Centre gig, and Joanne & Jo for the Acer Arena gig. Kylie did a good job of handling a technical difficulty during the Acer Arena gig. Only two songs in and she had to ad lib for 5 minutes singing a few a cappella requests, chatting to some audience members and inciting a Mexican wave…before deciding to go backstage and see what’s going on. About 15 minutes later it was all on again. It was certainly worth the money – every song was a hit – I knew them anyway (except her new track with the Scissor Sisters). At the Ent Cent gig i had to added bonus of Bono doing “Kids” with Kylie which had the crowd going absolutely crazy. The second time with no Bono was not the same (actually, Kids is one of my least fav tracks of hers). Her outfits were fabulous and her dancers very fit! The light and stage show was fantastic and I’m sure everyone who attended – young & old enjoyed it. See more pics here

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Nov 09

Jay-Z “Roc tha Bloc” Sydney

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jay-z has great branding

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Well, I wasnt a big fan of Jay-Z until I saw him live in concert. I’ve been to a shonky over-hyped hip-hop gig before (Missy Elliot) but Jay-Z was awesome. There no fancy stage props or scantily clad dancers just an unrelenting hour and a half of his classic tracks. Jay-Z was joined by Memphis Bleak as his “back-up rapper”, unfortunately NOT by Beyonce for Bonnie & Clyde or Crazy in Love. You could hear the whole audience go “oh.. :(” when he finished these tracks and went onto the next. It was was amazing to see the whole audience in the Sydney Entertainment Centre doing his logo (Rocafella)– now that’s good branding! As for the support acts before Jay-Z, well Ne-Yo has one good song. Rihanna is very good at posing and lip-synching is all I can say. She is no Beyonce I tell you. Anyway, thanks to my bro for the ticket.

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