May 31

Last night I went to the AGNSW for a celebrity talk at Art After Hours with J & J. Myf Warhurst was the “celebrity” speaker and she herself said that she didn’t feel like one, but I had more Myf than Paris this week. I hear her every morning on Triple J, then I saw her at the art gallery, then I went home and saw her on Spicks & Specks AND The Chaser. Anyway, I was wondering what wisdom she could impart on us about the An Incomplete World exhibition. Mostly she spoke about how music and art are related and her personal response to some of the artworks presented. She added funny anecdotes about her “arty/alternative” parents and growing up in country Victoria. I was excited to see this show because it had not one, but TWO Andy Warhols! You all know he is my most favourite artist. Seeing Warhol’s Joseph Beuys piece up close was great as I didn’t realise it had flocking (something you just don’t see in a reproduction). All the works are modern and I really enjoyed seeing all these great artworks up close. I also loved Andreas Gusky’s 99c store photograph – it’s HUGE, it CHEAP. Gursky holds the record for the highest price paid for a photograph by a living photographer for his work 99 Cent II Diptychon which sold for USD 3.3 million in 2007. Other artists include Roy Lichtenstein, Sarah Morris, Damien Hirst, Nobuyoshi Araki, Lucian Freud, Cindy Sherman and Australian Maria Kontis. Another good thing about this show is that it is free.

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May 24

I recycled

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Dave & I were doing our fortnightly-ish recycling on Sunday afternoon. This involves taking a couple of boxes of recyclables from our apartment down to the garbage room in the carpark. As I was about to put our paper recycling into one of the big bins, Dave saw clothes in there. Perfectly good, clean clothes (ok they weren’t very fashionable, which I guess was why they were being thrown out) but what the !@#$ were they doing in the paper and cardboard recycling bin? Anyway, I dutifully pulled out about 20 items to Freecycle (you all know about Freecycle don’t you?), but Dave said we had to get rid of them immediately otherwise they’d just take up room in the apartment. So we ended up going to the local shops and putting the bag of clothes in the charity clothing bin.
Further reading No More Stuff and Enough

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May 20

He finished the The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon!

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He finished!

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Onya Dave! I’m sure he will elaborate more on the race on his blog soon. (After he’s recovered)

Not only is this 21.1km test of endurance, speed and tactics supported by Australia’s best distance athletes, but it is considered a virtual ‘must run’ by the dedicated distance runner. The course has also been described as the most picturesque half marathon in the world.

Here’s an article in SMH

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May 18

Trivia night for Outback Assist at UNSW

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I went to a charity trivia night with a friend from work on Wednesday night. The event was organised by her partner to raise money for Outback Assist a unique volunteering opportunity to travel to a remote Aboriginal community in Outback Australia for UNSW students. $10 entry also included a emu, crocodile, camel or venison hot dog! I had the emu, tasted like a normal BBQ’d sausage really. I bought about $20 worth of raffle tickets and luckily was the second person picked for the random raffle (you get to pick whatever you want from the prize table). There was a huge meat tray there, but for some reason I didn’t take it, I chose a bottle of wine instead – I will probably always regret that. There were lots of people and everyone seemed to have fun racking their brains on the various trivia questions thrown at us. I, of course hammered the “Aussie songs quiz”. It’s important to know the songs of The Choirboys, Cold Chisel, Yothu Yindi, The Whitlams, Goanna & Australian Crawl.

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May 15


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I was flicking through this week’s 3D World and while looking at this spread, I realised I’d had “personal” music related contact with everyone on the page (except Robbie Lowe/Rob Lowe – he’s too new school).

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May 15

Trampoline’s Fourth Annual Photographic Screening May 2007

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I went to the ACMP Trampoline screening & awards night at The Chauvel in Paddington. I’d never heard of ACMP, but my brother (who works for one of the sponsors) said there’d be free food & drinks, so I went along. Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP), was established in 1991, and acts as a united voice for Australian professional working photographers. Anyway, they had a competition for “emerging” photographers (students, assistants, photographers with less than 3 years experience). They presented the work of 15 finalists on the big screen. The work was quite diverse, from fashion shoots with mega retouching to photo-documentary to nature. It made me want to take more photos (unprofessionally). The 7 winners were given a nice Crumpler bag and a Sony digital camera, as well as a chance to participate in a Master Class at Saatchi & Saatchi. The host seemed to be a bit of a last minute ring-in, perhaps the order and pace of the event could have been better. But overall it was a pleasant evening with some inspiring work to think about.

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May 08

Spiderman 3

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1 and a half stars (out of 5).
I just didn’t enjoy it. The acting was cheesy, especially between Peter Parker & MJ. The supposed “dark-side” was just light weight emo-side. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Sandman guy who was on Ned & Stacy and in Sideways – he looked so “comic book hero”. There were some exciting “action” parts but overall, I wasn’t impressed. now, Batman Begins… that was dark!

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May 06

So after three years, I’ve finally updated the design of my blog. It’s just all too much effort to design it from scratch myself. I just took the easy option and downloaded a new theme. What do ya think?

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May 01

April – was the month of concerts & movies

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I went to these gigs:

Pet Shop Boys at the Hordern Pavillion – Hey it was Good Friday, nothing else was open. Lots of gay men young and old, and a few women in their 30s. Obviously rejects from the 80s. Lots of hits and memories, quite few new songs which I didn’t know but the costumes, dancers and visuals made up for it. See photos here.
John Mayer at the Sydney Entertainment Centre – a last minute freebie from my bro and seated 12 rows from the front. He was very “pleasant” or shall I say, “Middle of the Road”, but he was on Chappelle’s Show once, so he must be cool. Everyone around me was loving it and knew all the words to the songs. I know the one he did with Herbie Hancock (Stiched Up)and the one “about his body being a temple” (It’s actually called “Your Body is a Wonderland”) which he didn’t sing. When he did one of his fancy guitar solos – the audience went wild. I just don’t get the glory of the guitar solo! I guess I was brought up on DJs and turntable tricks as an impressive live performance. Ben Kweller was the support, he was good in a twangy guitar/country/blues/white boy kind of way.

The jazz legend Herbie Hancock – at the State Theatre. The night it pissed down with rain and I was ankle deep in water, but anyhoo it was fantastic to see Herbie live in concert. He was definitely one of the musicians I needed to see before I die (or he died). He started with a classical piece which was really ambient and slowwwww. It lasted about 25 minutes and I was hoping the whole show wouldn’t be like that. He came out and spoke to the audience numerous times which was great. He has a personality, a sense of humour and a strap—on keyboard. He played some awesome tracks with his wonderful guitarists and drummer. The only lowlight was the version of I Just Called to Say I love You, which he did on the Possibilities album. It’s such a cheesy song, he could have picked any other Stevie Wonder tune.

The flicks I saw this month were:

Rock the Bells (5 stars) – a freebie from FBi radio about a hip hop festival in LA which tried to get the whole Wu Tang Clan back together live on stage. This docu had intense suspense and drama. As someone who has put on events before, I was cringing and crying when things went wrong. I really felt for this guy and it was brave of him to show his naivety/greediness/failings on film. I won’t tell you what happens at the end.
Sunshine (3.5 stars) – because we had vouchers that were about to expire and Dave got to pick. As if you could fly that close to the sun!!!
Running with Scissors (4 stars) because I loved the book (but the book is better).

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