Jul 26

Transformers – More than meets the eye

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Well we finally saw Transformers – the movie. Something that Dave had been looking forward to for a long time. Family and work commitments had postponed seeing this for quite a few weeks. We had seen about 3 different trailers for the 9 months before it opened, many many times. Nothing like showing off your new tv with a hi-def Hollywood trailer. I enjoyed this film much more than Spiderman 3. Normally schlock-busters are off the list but I’m glad I saw this on the big screen. The acting was much more “believable”, the main teenage character (new hottie on the block Shia Labeouf) was great as the owner of a car that turns into an alien robot – “…who knew?” and at least the “heroine” wasn’t blonde. The Transformers were pretty cool too, Megatron was very scary! Warning – it is a bit long (about 2 and a half hours) but there was enough action to sustain my attention. Unlike S3 where I was like, when is this movie going to end? Rozie rating 4 stars out of 5.

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Jul 17

I’ve really raised my expectations of hairdressing service by going to Brad Ngata Hair Direction for the past 5 years. To save money, I decided to try the new place downstairs from my apartment. I know it was risk to let someone other than the 2005 & 2006 Hair Expo ‘Australian Hairdresser of the Year’ touch my hair but I tested them out with a fringe trim a few weeks ago. The guy did a pretty good job and gave me a freebie (in anticipation of further business from me). So I took the big step and made an appointment at midday on Saturday. The actual haircut turned out fine, I just told them to keep it the same style but I tell you, there is a huge difference between a $200 haircut from the salon of Brad Ngata (where ‘You’re the star, sweetheart’) and the $50 Chinese place downstairs when it comes to atmosphere and service. At Brad’s the appointments always run near on time, they offer you magazines, coffee or tea in funky surroundings (Stark mirrors, Marimekko soft furnishings). At “the Chinese” there were little tv monitors at each station, but they were already blasting out the Justin Timberlake on the overhead speakers, so I didn’t really want to watch Casino Royale at the same time! I had to ask for a drink of water, which they promptly brought to me but it was hot water (yeah I know, they are Chinese, they don’t drink cold water). After staring at myself in the mirror for about 15 minutes, I had to ask for some magazines to read. What kind of hair dressers don’t have lots of trashy mags on hand for people to read?? It was 50 minutes until the stylist came to cut my hair. I noticed an Asian lady with a perm was getting her hair blow dried straight before me! The only 2 redeeming features of the experience was that they rinsed my hair after they cut it to get all the stray hairs out and I had a coupon to get $10 off the $50 hair cut. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience, but what can a princess with a mortgage do?

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Jul 03

Diana concert: cheery or cheesy?

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Kanye West

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I just received this email: Greetings — we’re doing a story about the Diana Concert and would love to you use your photo in our image gallery. To approve or deny the request, just click on the link below. You’ll receive full credit next to your photo, of course.
I then went on to read this article.
Why would anyone want to use a picture that I took off the TV to illustrate an article???

Anyway, some parts of the televised concert were great, ie Duran Duran, Kanye (big medley) & Diddy, some were OK – Elton, Joss Stone, Nelly Furtado, some weird – the National Ballet, some awful – Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Status Quo. At least you could say there was something for everyone! Not sure what Princess Diana would have thought about that “ho-bag” Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas (not Fergie her former sister-in-law). There were only a couple of “appropriate for the occasion” songs. Diddy was the only one to really make a big thing about the concert being for Diana in his performance by changing the lyrics of I’ll be Missing You to include lots of cheesy Diana mentions (“so beautiful”, “so royal”). It was also fun to see the young royals let loose – except Prince Harry, who seemed not to want to “put his hands in the air and wave them like he just don’t care”, he knew 500 million people were watching him.

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