Aug 27

Hello! not Ni Ha

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So I’m in the library at lunch time and this guy comes up to me and says “Ni Ha?… blah blah mandarin blah blah blah”. And I’m looking at him like “What the?” and then he says to me “Are you Chinese?” I say to him, “No, I’m Australian – gotcha didn’t I?”. Then he goes “But you’re parents were Chinese. Geez, you young people have no sense of humour”. I guess I just had my defences up for some kind of racial slur, I know it’s 2007 but I remember when being politically correct was not an option.

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Aug 14

The Cure – Live, Sydney Entertainment Centre

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The Cure

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Last Friday I finally got to see The Cure live in concert with Joanne & DaveMc (read his review – it’s nicer than mine). It was a bit disappointing having been a bit of fan since the 80s. There were some highlights (hearing some my favourite Cure tracks like Fascination Street, A Forest, Close to Me, Lullaby, Boys Don’t Cry) but I felt that it lacked atmosphere and energy. Perhaps I was not a dedicated enough fan. Maybe it was the mature age MORs sitting next to me! Maybe it was because we were sitting near the back of the venue (though luckily, they weren’t using the full capacity of the Ent Cent). Perhaps I just don’t like too much guitar thrashing in my 80s idols. It seemed that all the synth/keyboard parts of their songs were replaced by more guitar. Think what you like – I like to hear keyboard melodies where they belong. I knew less than half the songs they played, and they played and played and played for 3 hours. Have to say that Robert’s Smith’s voice was very good, just like the records! Now in some cases – having the act you paid your hard earned bucks for play for twice as long as normal would be awesome eg Prince. Now I’ve been to quite a few concerts in the past year or so where I wasn’t a big fan of the artist and ended up being quite entertained and enjoying myself but on Friday, the Cure gave me quantity over quality. Bernard Zuel nailed it in his review on SMH

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Aug 10

This was part of the MATTHEW NGUI: POINTS OF VIEW exhibition: Installation and video works which transform images, objects and experiences from everyday life.

Matthew Ngui’s performance works often use food to create conversations about cultural identity. As an extension of these ideas, Sydney chef Kylie Kwong through the preparation, cooking and sharing of a contemporary Chinese meal explores this culinary tradition and its relation to her family history.

We had an enjoyable afternoon with Ms KK at the MCA last Sunday. The cost was $20 for MCA members (which we both are), so I thought we should take the opportunity to see the “mistress/master” of Chinese Australian cooking at work. I know a fair bit about her family (my aunt knows her mum) & cooking background from her tv show & books. What I didn’t realise was that she studied graphic art & worked in an advertising agency until she was 26 when she realised advertising was not for her.

Kylie was very personable & friendly, but slightly “produce” arrogant! She grew up in North Epping, near where Dave grew up! She is a champion of organic and bio-organic products but they cost so much more than the same non-organic versions. The audience was made up of a variety of young gay & straight couples as well as more mature citizens. She did a classic steamed fish dish, her sang choy bow & a very colourful non-chinese salad. Of course this inspired us to go home and cooked a whole steamed fish.
Here are few recommended products I gleaned from her presentation:
Nolan’s Road Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Ground Cane Sugar
Biodynamic Eggs
She buys fish from Christies at The Sydney Fish Market
Unfortunately we weren’t able to sample the dishes she created over the hour or so of her talk. That was a shame because we hadn’t had lunch and were starving.
This presentation also made me really want to eat at Billy Kwong’s again (been there a few times but not for a couple of years)- I hate how you can’t book a table!

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Aug 02

So, the older I get, the less tolerance I have, and the more I want to complain about certain things. I really need to get this off my chest, it’s causing me distress every morning on the way to work. Today my complaint is about the people at my bus stop not queueing up in an orderly fashion. Actually they don’t queue at all, they just mingle around the bus stop, push in and jostle for position as the bus approaches. This $hitz me so much!!! We live in a civilised society – why the f**K won’t they line up? I hate it when I’ve been waiting for the bus for a while and then someone just rocks up and gets on the bus before me and then there’s no more room and I can’t get on the damn bus. I wish I had the balls to say to them “Excuse me there’s a queue, so get in line” but I’m too embarrassed to be the “crabby” woman at the bus stop. Anyway there really is no queue to join just a disorderly mob! It also annoys me when I don’t get a seat on the bus when people who push in to get on first get the seat. Doesn’t anyone else feel this way? Are they happy to have people push in front of them after they have been waiting for 10, 15 minutes or more? Arghhhh! Who can I complain to? Sydney Buses? My city Councillors?

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