Oct 02

ITM Flash Rave

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Kevin, Jacki & Rozie

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You can’t keep an old raver in the closet. When I heard about this “flash rave” I had to be there. I used to do the good old “wait for me at Town Hall steps” when I was young. At first it was a bit hard to tell who was waiting to meet their friend before going to the pub after work and who was about to burst into spontaneous dancing. There were a couple of news cameras and lots of photographers and being the poser that I am, I was in my element on Town Hall Steps. I thought it would be a great photo opportunity, but I was so swept up in the “flash raving” that I didn’t get any really good pics. I’ve seen some good shots from some other people like Royal
Dave was a bit upset that it wasn’t a “proper” flash mob as it went on way too long (from Wikipedia: A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse). It was so Sydney, there were probably as many people taking photos as there were dancing. Eventually the police turned up and I saw some video footage of it. It was a bit lame how some guys were shaking their fists & yelling “f-off” to the cops, they were getting a bit too angry. Anyway, I had fun for about 15 minutes – you had to be there. More info on ITM
Afterwards, we went to see “Superbad” which was actually quite funny and free (coupons).

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Oct 02

The Godmother

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Dave & I become the godparents of our niece Jessica on Sunday. The Baptism was held in a big church in Newcastle, with a wonderful party at Rebecca & Chris’ afterwards.

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