Nov 26

It’s unAustralian not to vote

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So a big weekend for voting and elections. As I don’t talk politics with family or friends or workmates – I found another 2 candidates to rant about:
Natalie & Matt – the two finalists in Australian Idol 2007. This year I wasn’t as passionate about who I wanted to win or more like, who I didn’t want to win. The were both good looking, pleasant contestants. I lost a bit of Idol momentum by missing about 5 semi-finals while on vacation, but I caught up on-line. Yes, I voted for Natalie (just once). Out of the two, I thought she deserved to win – she has displayed some canny musical arrangements and sang 2 of my favourite songs from the 80s on the show: Boys in Town by Divinyls and Running Up that Hill by Kate Bush. Matt had some good moments this year (such as driving teenage girls c.r.a.z.y), but I couldn’t stop looking at the hair!! He’s young (only 17), he’ll bounce back. So congratulations to Natalie “The Gauch” Gauci!!

This year, I finally managed to get myself down to the Sydney Opera House forecourt for the finals show. Every year I sit glued to the TV, thinking how much fun it would be, to be there on Idol Grand Final night. So thanks to my bro (and his “connections”) I got a golden ticket. There was almost a chance to be a “seat filler” Kramer style, but it didn’t happen:( So there was a lot of screaming teenagers, big signs, big cameras and little ol me going “oh is that guy on Neighbours?” when the “celebrities” walked up the red carpet. I actually thought Matt would win by the amount of cheering/screaming and signage that appeared whenever his name was mentioned, but in the end good taste prevailed! The best part was finally seeing the Divinyls live (singing Boys in Town) twice (due to technical hitch with the live telecast) at the outside concert. It has also meant I won’t spend $84 seeing them at the Enmore for the sake of seeing them. By the way Chrissy Amphlett’s biography is awesome.

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Nov 08

well I’ve been on “vacation” as they like to call it in North America. I’ve been to Toronto/Markham (Canada), New York City, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Zhongshan (China). So excuse me. I’ve got more than 2GB of pics to sort through, as you know, I like to label, annotate and reference my photos, so it’s going to be a while until you see them all. Well, you can see some Toronto ones on first up on Flickr if you like.

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