Mar 28

On Friday, Honka Princess and I headed down to the Ent Cent to check out 80s legends Duran Duran. I have to admit that I didn’t know much of their new stuff, just the singles that have been released. We had great seats – first elevated section on the left, 3 rows from the front! I can’t believe I forgot my camera!!! I realised on my way to work when I saw a girl with a shark sticking out of her backpack. I was going to go home and get it after work, but decided that it was too much hassle and knew OWLOT would be getting lots of great shots from near the front.
The boys put on a great show, yes they have aged but not too badly. They opened with 3 new songs that I didn’t know well. I had the feeling that the majority of the audience were wanting hear all the oldies from the 80s. When they broke out with Hungry like the Wolf, the audience went wild. There was some cringe factor (this wasn’t a 80s revival night, it was a world tour to promote their latest album) with the retro nostalgia… their old tracks were absolute killers and the new stuff is so so. Though I don’t mind “Skin Divers” from Red Carpet Massacre – which I think they didn’t play. I could see the smirk on John Taylor’s face during the show (yes, we were that close).
In the 2nd half of the show they do a “Kraftwerk tribute” where the 4 remaining original members stand at the front of the stage ala Kraftwerk. This is the part I think John Taylor particularly didn’t like, because he had to put away his guitar. Anyway, they played lots of hits that kept the crowd happy – The Reflex, Planet Earth (my favourite DD track), Rio, Ordinary World, Save a Prayer, A View to Kill, Wild Boys, Notorious and Girls on Film. I hate their cover of White Lines (it’s so embarrassing) but they did it anyway. At least Simon Le Bon’s voice was better this time around. Nick Rhodes is starting to look scarily like Andy Warhol as he ages.
The first time I saw Duran Duran 5 years ago at the Enmore will never be equaled. I guess there was the anticipation of 20 years wait, a small venue packed to the rafters by truly dedicated DD fans, grown men and women screaming at the top of their lungs and being with 2 of my best friends from high school that made it much more enjoyable.
Overall Duran Duran at the Sydney Entertainment Centre was a great show (except for the blinding strobe light effect during some parts – it’s not an old skool hard core rave). All the MOR‘s would have gone home happy too.

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Mar 27


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Last night I went to see Sinead O’Connor in concert. I have always liked her voice – it is strong and unique. I’ve pretty much like everything she’s done over the past 20 years. I really loved her first 2 albums: The Lion & the Cobra and I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. In the early 90s I caned those 2 CDs – the lyrics were so deep and her passionate singing inspired me. We even had a Cole Porter song, sung by Sinead at our wedding (You Do Something to Me)
As she is a bit “alternative” and it wasn’t cheap – I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I went by myself! Straight after work I went to the Surry Hills Festival Volunteer’s info night, then headed down to the State Theatre – a perfect venue for Sinead. This was her third concert in Sydney, so she can’t be that unpopular to have 3 shows here.
When she came out, I didn’t realise it was her, she was dressed very casually in jeans, black t-shirt and no shoes. She was wearing a black headscarf too. The band had 5 members who accompanied her and sang back up vocals. I felt really happy to see one of favorite female singers in concert and hear some songs that I love being sung right in front of me. Sinead’s voice was very strong but also subtle, her speaking voice was quite girly and sweet (who knew?) The highlights for me were the following songs.
I Am Stretched On Your Grave
Three Babies
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Black Boys On Mopeds – this song is deep, check out the lyrics
Nothing Compares 2 U
Fire On Babylon

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Mar 19

Gucci Spring/Summer 2008

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I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Gucci SS08 Fashion Event (my cousin’s friend is the PR director). Let’s call it: a luxury brand fashion parade with drinks & nibblies. I don’t normally get to move in these circles so I was really looking forward to seeing what it would be like. The set up was really impressive, they had fitted out a warehouse in Alexandria with a shiny catwalk, seating (long white cushy seats with simple black piping) and a bar. The hors d’oeuvres were really fancy (and there was plenty). Piper Heidsieck champagne was on offer. I was told to drink up and enjoy, but I had to pass due to my alcohol intolerance, such a shame! I did enjoy an apple & elderflower drink instead. There was a smattering of celebrities such as Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Sonia Kruger but I was hoping for a super A-lister such as Cate or Nicole. Other guests included “rich people” like Justin Hemmes, Gucci ladies, magazine editors, as well as models I’ve seen in Vogue. The parade itself was quite surreal, I felt like I was in TV, especially when they played the mini-doco of David Lynch directing the latest Gucci ad on all the walls surrounding the catwalk. The clothes were really nice, the palette of black, white & pink was my favourite. There was an Asian model who looked so, so miserable, I thought, if I had a body like that I’d be smiling! I met a guy who is a colour forecaster – what an interesting job!
Not sure who the DJ was, he played some non-offensive background dance music earlier but later on dropped some stuff I really liked: Chromeo, LCD Sound System, Annie, The Cure & INXS.
It was great to see Ms CM after so many years. When my cousin was at uni (and I was in high school), I used to hang out with them and be a “fake HK uni student” – we used to go to discos/student dance parties, the movies, French Riviera (when it was still in Double Bay)…oh those were the days. Now, I just daydream that I can afford Gucci.

Article from SMH here
More details on Vogue Aust site.
What’s sexy now?

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Mar 07


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We stayed at the Novotel, it was a bit out of the main drag (10-15 minute walk). As we arrived, an old church was having it’s spire connected which was quite exciting. We turned up to the Novotel at about 11am & our room was not ready yet. We were told to leave our bags and come back later. I was wondering about my special “Warhol” package. It included 2 tickets to the show, taxi (cab charge type thing), discount voucher for the Andy Warhol Supermarket and free breakfast. What did they think I came to this town to do??? Of course I wanted my tickets for the Warhol show. The girl at the reception told me that her manager had the tickets but she had gone away. I went a bit “Sydney” and said, “I want them NOW because I came to Brisbane to see Warhol, and I’m not sitting around waiting for the manager to come back. I want to see Warhol NOW!” Turned out they were in a drawer at reception. Thanks. When we got to our room later that day, they was a bit of mess on a side table: some used tissues, lolly wrappers and papers! I was like eww! So we went back to reception and they gave us another room. Then, when we came back to the room that night, our key pass wasn’t working and I was busting to go to the loo. So back downstairs to get a new pass. See what I mean about random service???
I wrote all about the Warhol show in my previous entry. I enjoyed catching the ferry from New Farm to Southbank 2. Southbank was similar to Melbourne’s Southbank with it’s restaurants and shopping area. We enjoyed a French meal at Piaf. N & G recommended it because it’s new and good value. This is where I got a little celeb spotting, Jacki Weaver was eating at Piaf too.
My birthday was on Sunday, Dave and I enjoyed a big buffet breakfast. I have to say it was probably the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had. So much variety, good quality and delicious food. Even bulk scrambled eggs were done well.
We checked out the Queensland Art Gallery – a small but concise collection of good Australian and International art. I looked at the feature exhibition: The Watercolours of Kenneth Macqueen. Then I was like, is that it? – I thought there was going to be more stuff upstairs, but there wasn’t 🙁 Oh well I’ve been spoilt in Sydney and with my recent trip to NYC and San Fran.

T & T managed to find all the cool shopping areas, there were some very good shops in the Valley including Fallow (the secret store), Blonde Venus (which had the Opening Ceremony stuff I hadn’t seen yet) and Outpost. I was surprised how quiet Chinatown was for a Sunday afternoon. We had some average Vietnamese from a shop that didn’t seem to have any Vietnamese working there.
My thoughts on Brisbane: (the last visit was Expo ’88) – it wasn’t very BrisVegas . We had beautiful sunny weather on both days and it’s a bit more laidback than Sydney. I don’t think I could cope living here but it’s a nice place to visit every 20 years;)

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Mar 05


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What can I say? The Andy Warhol exhibition at GOMA was awesome. So much Andy, so little time. It was quite crowded when we arrived, but people were queuing out he door by the time we finished. Seeing so many works by my favorite artist was just fantastic. The art was well presented and covered all his genres and media. I didn’t get to sit down and watch the TV/Video stuff as you had to wait for the person before you with the individual headphones. Maybe a few more would have been good. I’ve seen some of the Andy TV stuff before but it’s always good to see it again. I really liked seeing the illustrations from his early commercial work up close. Also quite a few things I hadn’t seen before (in books) from the 70s and 80s. The photo booths where you get “Warhol-ed” were fun, but it would have been nice if you could email the image to yourself as a keepsake. The recreated Silver Cloud room was so cool, I think everyone enjoyed playing/observing the silver clouds. As always, his Time Capsules are fascinating (saw a whole lot in Melbourne a few years ago) – I liked the invitation to a “after-dinner-disco-dance” at Studio 54, hosted by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager! As you do… Anyway, I’m so happy i saw this show – it was fantastic (and thanks Dave for taking me to sunny Brisbane).

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