Apr 29

Sydney Film Festival 2008 – early warning

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Because I am a-n-a-l, I have already done some research into this year’s Sydney Film Festival. The program isn’t launched until 8 May. Firstly, if you are so fortunate to be able to take 2 weeks off work and watch films all day and night, you can buy the daytime and evening subscriptions. You can even have a reserved seat at the State Theatre for the whole festival. How I would love if I could do that! AND How I would love if every cinema had reserved seating. I’ll probably get the FlexiPass 20 for $250 ($12.50 per film), although the FlexiGold (40 + 10 bonus weekday daytime) for $375 ($7.50 per film) represents even better value! Finally, you are able to redeem your Flexi passes online this year. Did the SFF organisers not realise how much it sucked to have to go into a ticket office, in person, to redeem the flexi passes??? The SFF sent out a survey at the end of last year (and you all know how much I love a survey) but it was crap because it was in PDF format. You were supposed to fill it out and send it back. I tried to type into the editable pdf but it got all screwed up.
Anyway – there is a sneak preview of a few things in this year’s program and one has already caught my attention:
Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story
Packed with interviews, archive clips (watch out for a pink-suited Otis Redding blowing the socks off a London audience) and reams of fabulous music (Booker T and the MGs, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Isaac Hayes and more), Respect Yourself tells the unbelievably rollercoaster story of Stax Records.

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Apr 29

The Pioneers of Electronic Music

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This could be interesting:
Friday 2nd May
The Pioneers of Electronic Music
Archival performance footage by Morton Subotnick, Laurie Spiegel, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Mother Mallard, and Holger Czukay makes for an interesting investigation into the pioneers of Electronic music. Likewise, Paul Lansky’s private lesson with Theremin inventor Leon Theremin is an example of how non-user friendly electronic musical instruments could be, even to people who should have the best sense of how to approach them. Mu-Meson Archives Doors 7.30 for 8pm start $10 with supper.
Mu-Meson Archives at Crn Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St Annandale at the end of King Furniture building up the steel staircase. Phone 9517-2010

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Apr 28

The weather report – amended 28/04/08

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Alright, better get those coats ready.
Now: 10°C Min: 9°C

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Apr 27

The older I get, the more I really think about Anzac Day and why we get a day off. Imagine if every guy you knew between the age of 18 to 50 was sent overseas to fight in a war against a far away enemy and some of them never came back. Kids today… they don’t know what it would be like. Anyway, I thank the people that gave their lives, so my family could come to Australia over 50 years ago (that’s a long story, I’ll tell you another day) and live happily ever after (sort of).
So I didn’t do much this weekend:
Baked some Anzac biscuits
Watched the Anzac Day parade on TV
Catch up with old uni mates
Yum Cha for Nadia’s B’day
Driving Lesson
Made a roast
Bill Viola: the Tristan project @ St. Saviour’s Church, Redfern
Watched Fargo
Laundry x 3 loads
Lunch with Thommy
Practiced parallel parking
Update my flickr pics

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Apr 23

It’s overcast, cloudy, with occasional showers but, it AIN’T THAT COLD! Put your coats away at least for another month, biatches.

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Apr 21


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We headed down to the good old crusty, run-down, dubiously managed Mandarin Club on Saturday night for Paradise Lost. These guys put on heaps of parties so it’s not like we won’t be hearing from them again, but the venue is being sold and The Mandarin Club is moving to a new building. We’ve enjoyed many nights of food, birthday parties, Popfrenzy gigs, hip-hop, electro, disco, acid, techno and hip-house here!
Unfortunately, I was put in a really bad mood as soon as we got into the lift to go to the fourth floor. We ended up squished between about 10 drunk nob heads who were pushing, shouting and annoying me. The lift is very slow, we all know that and one of the idiots tells a girl to push Level 2 – for a joke, so it took twice as long. I don’t appreciate being pushed & shoved in a crowded lift. When we reached the front counter to pay they were still pushing us. I pushed back and yelled at one of them. Then Dave tells me that while we were in the lift, the guy in front of me said something about me like “oh I bet this girl behind me doesn’t even know what kind of party this is” – like I’m so new school!!!! That really pissed me off, those who know me will recognise how offensive that kind of remark is. I should have said to him, “Do you know who I am? I could get you killed!!” bwha ha ha. ;P
Anyway, back to the party. There were lots of people filling up the large space, the music was really great for the first 2 DJs. Mikey’s mixing was a bit shaky, but he had some great tunes. Brut 33 really got the crowd going with his dynamic disco tunes, then the next DJ whose name I don’t know… kind of killed it for me. It wasn’t that his music or mixing was bad, it was that the volume was a bit low and the style of music didn’t flow on from Brut 33. He played funk/hip-hop which I like, but not right then after Brut 33. We bumped into few friends which was great but we were tired and the party was in a bit of a lull. What also annoyed me was a few people were smoking inside. Like, hello – it’s banned inside clubs now and it stinks!!! (That’s what I mean about questionable security/management – people get away with it).
I heard that the party picked up later and there was much fun had until it closed.

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Apr 12

Me, spruiking

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This year I decided to volunteer at the Surry Hills Festival. The festival is the major fundraising event for the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre. The neighbourhood centre provides childcare, seniors & new immigrant’s activities, support, assistance and information for people who are underprivileged or marginalised in the local community. This, my friends is a good thing because not everyone has a mortgaged roof over their head, lots of friends to party with and their mental health.
So on Saturday morning (9:30am), Dave dropped me off at Prince Alfred Park and I made my way down to the Volunteer’s tent. My job was to be a spruiker and gold coin donation collector. I was given a megaphone and told to welcome people to the festival, ask for donations and tell people about the festival. I had done my homework before the event because I was taking the spruiker position seriously.
What I found interesting was that all the volunteers I met did not live in the Surry Hills area. Most of the volunteers were there because they “had to”, for example as part of their work experience for an event management course. I guess I’m disappointed that more people from the community didn’t make the effort to assist with the mammoth event that it was. Well at least they turned up in their thousands to enjoy the day. It seemed that there were a lot more volunteers earlier in the day, by lunchtime, there weren’t enough people to replace those who were on long shifts. I “worked” from 9:30am til 3:30pm and only got one break. So perhaps there needs to be an effort to encourage more helpers in the afternoon next year. The were more than a hundred volunteers doing all sorts of things like organising the dog show, setting up and bumping in as well as collecting donations. I only spoke to those collecting donations though.
As someone who has organised a few events myself, I could imagine what a freaking nightmare organising the Surry Hills Festival would have been. I was also informed that the festival was brought forward about 5 months due to the Council doing work on the park (which they later postponed, but it was too late to change the date). I really have to praise the organising team because unlike say: Big Day Out, Good Vibrations or V Festival, they aren’t doing this for their own profit. All the the money raised goes to the Neighbourhood Centre. I would say the 95% of people who turned up gave a donation of at least a dollar which is great. Though some people (who clearly didn’t look poor or underprivileged) tried to ignore the donation buckets being waved at them. It was a great day with beautiful weather, lots and lots of people and a good time was had by all (I hope).

Check out some pics here. They aren’t very good because I was busy volunteering and didn’t take my good camera.

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Apr 07

Being thankful

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I’ve been reading a lot of blog entries about “being thankful” recently, so I’ve decided I should do one too.
Things I am thankful for: (BTW this isn’t some Jesus thing)
I have a wonderful husband.
I have my health (sort of, not really)
I have a job (even though I’m writing this at 11:30pm from work).
That’s it for now. I’m going home.
Some bloggers do weekly thankful lists, I may do that too.

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Apr 05

Semi Permanent 2008 review

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Alex Trochut

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I always find creative conferences really interesting and inspiring. I don’t go to every one that comes around due to either the cost or not being able to get time off work to attend. Anyway, I managed to get a freebie to Semi Permanent 2008 from work because one of the “creatives” decided not to attend. It was actually a 2 day pass, but I could only go on the Saturday.
I’m not going to talk about the speaker’s work too much as you can just go to their sites and check it out. I’m more into blogging about my thoughts on their actual presentations on the day. Each talk went for an hour (and for some that was way too long).

Alex Trochut was the first presenter (and as it turned out – the best of the day). He started with some family history – his grandfather was a typographer too. It was so interesting to see the work of his grandfather and how it has influenced him. It was great to see the old school way to do type in the 1940s. “No undo!” as he said. Trochut then went on to show his own work (which was awesome) – really cool typography and illustration for some huge clients such as Nike, the Rolling Stones & British Airways. He demonstrated his methodologies & experiments and was very personable. I liked him a lot.

Next up Australian artist Anthony Lister (now living in NYC, as you do).
When Lister approached the stage he was dragging along a guy in a Spiderman suit with his hands cuffed. Lister then shot him with a cap gun and Spiderman spent the rest of the talk lying on the stage. After that he started his “presentation”. I say “presentation” because he pretty much had nothing prepared. He was so relaxed that it seemed like we had just woken him up and it was a hassle for him to complete a sentence. He played a slideshow of photos of him and his mates pulling cones, falling off their skateboards and throwing up. My first impressions were… this guy is a nob! At this stage a lot of people started walking out. People started shouting questions at him and he’d say “oh ok, let’s talk about that”. Eventually he did show some of his work and talk about it but overall it was a piss poor effort – people had paid good money to attend this conference. The only redeeming factor was that he gave away some of his prints by throwing them into the audience at the end. At least they would be worth something.

Superfad were next. Superfad is a brand-driven design and live action production company. One of the principals/creative directors from their Seattle office spoke. Sorry can’t remember his name, the Semipermanent site had a typo with the wrong speaker name from the company. First impressions were that he didn’t “look like a designer”. Don’t want to sound mean but he was dressed “uncool“. He was a good presenter and was quite self deprecating. Some work was very corporate (for banks etc), some “cool” clients such as PS3 & MTV. He spoke about their process, methodology and the company culture. Work in progress, stuff they pitched but didn’t go ahead as well as finished ads were shown. He spoke about a brief for a car cleaning product that was pretty much, make sure it has hip hop, cars and hot chicks. I’m sure the boys in the audience were impressed. I thought the final ad to be completely ridiculous and sexist but whatever… sex sells.

Amy Sol, a Korean born artist based in Vegas was next. Her work is very beautiful. She does fantastical artwork on wood. I really appreciate her vivid imagination & whimsical subject matter (dreamy girls and weird animals out of context). Some of Amy Sol’s paintings take up to 80 hours to complete and she often doesn’t leave home for weeks on end! She showed photos of her studio workspace and how she makes her own paint from pigments. One colour palette is called “faded fruit punch”. Amy was very sweet and articulate but after a while, it got a bit boring just seeing more and more examples of her work. She too gave away some of her prints and the audience went crazy trying to get one.

The last speaker I saw was from the Swedish digital agency North Kingdom. The speaker was very, very hot but by this time of the day, the presentation had to be extremely compelling to keep me alert. He showed how their projects came into fruition. I liked how they chose to make an actual 3D model of an island and shoot it rather than just do it digitally. Some really nice web work here, but the speaker was a bit nervous and didn’t really capture my attention. There was one more presentation after this, Pixar but I was so tired and I’ve seen Toy Story, so I went home.

So overall it was an inspiring day, that kind of makes me feel depressed but optimistic. You know what I mean?

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Apr 01

I’ve just checked out the latest Designers for Target range by Zac Posen. The clothes are very dressy, there are some nice special occasion dresses priced around $300. It’s not really my style, but if you were going to a ball and didn’t have $2000 to spend on a dress… you’d scrub up OK. BTW you can’t just walk into Target and get the Ottoman dress (the really nice one), you have to put your name down and go in a draw to be allocated one. In fact, they aren’t even going to display this dress in the store. These will definitely get snapped up but the other stuff I don’t think so.
There are 2 ranges (available only in Australia) which go on sale this week. There is the Glamour range and the Tailored range. In the Tailored range, is the the most hideous outfit I’ve seen this side of 1991!!! It is the Pompeii Print Tie Neck shirt and Wide Leg Pleat Detail pant. It comes in the colour “Turkish Coffee”, let’s call it – a revolting brown!
Check out Designers for Target here

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