Jul 30

Dinner at Gazebo Wine Garden

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This was so delicious
Josie invited a group of us to try the Monday night 2 for 1 mussels at the Gazebo Wine Garden. I think that back in the day, the Gazebo was a famous party place for rock stars visiting Sydney. Now it is all new and renovated into apartments. In the S section of last Sunday’s Sun Herald there was coverage of the Gazebo Wine Garden’s 2nd birthday party. I had not been there before, I guess it’s not really my scene. It was an extremely cold and wet night (was it the coldest day this year?) but we still managed to get ourselves over to Elizabeth Bay (thanks Nads for the lift).
When we arrived, we seemed to be ignored by the attractive wait staff for about 5 minutes (that seems like a long time when you are waiting). I think that the manager would have normally greeted us at the door on arrival but he was caught up in the kitchen. Once he came to the front, the service was excellent for the rest of the night. To be honest, I was expecting it to be a bit “obnoxious” there – like Hugo’s or something. The waiters were very cute, friendly and funny (wishing Josie a Happy Birthday all night – even though it wasn’t her birthday). Unfortunately, there was a bit of a stuff up with Joanne’s order not coming out, so they offered a round of some “special drink” (that smelt delicious, like Christmas and I wished I could have tried it) after dinner. At most restaurants, they would possibly give you an apology if you’re lucky and that’s it. (Please refer to my post “Customer service in this town has been flushed down the toilet”).
The mussels were very tasty, I had the white wine & chive cream sauce (most IBS friendly flavours). As a regular mussel eater, I’d say these were better than those offered at Bungalow 8 (that place gets so busy on their all-you-can-eat mussel nights, it’s really churn and burn).
The highlight of the meal was the dessert, Apple crumble crunchy cup & ice cream. I think it was made fresh because the pastry was so light and fluffy (and it took a while to come out).
After an initial bad start on arrival it turned out to be a top night with great food, good friends and very friendly service.

Jul 29

I have been very busy doing lots of research on my new and improved career. I’ve been checking out courses I want to do and finding out about potential companies I might like to work for. Then I came across this hideacious site for The Neil Clugston Organisation (Established in 1989, The Neil Clugston Organisation Pty Ltd is an Entertainment Management and Entertainment Consultancy company). This website looks like it was designed in 1989 (ha ha)! If only I had the technical skills to fix something like this. I’d also like to have the writing/communication skills to rewrite his blurb as well. Hmm…. you’ve just given me an idea 🙂

Jul 25

Awesome position available

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While I was browsing on MyCareer, I saw this awesome job…
I would say I have about 2% qualification for this role ;P

Head of Design

* Artistic and educational vision
* Leadership in design training
* Industry standing

NIDA is Australia’s national institute of dramatic art. Located in Sydney, it is a centre of excellence in education and training for careers in theatre, film, television and other performance media.
We are seeking an inspiring and energetic Head of Design to develop and direct the teaching program for the Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Design) and to manage the design elements of NIDA’s Play Production Program. This is a unique opportunity to take on a key role in one of Australia’s most influential arts and education institutions.

With a significant track record of achievement in arts/entertainment and insight into the role of education and training, you will have a respected profile in the cultural sector. You will have the ability to contribute to a collaborative educational environment to develop the potential of students pursuing a professional career.

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Jul 21

I read, “I Bought Andy Warhol”

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As a fan of all things Warhol, I Bought Andy Warhol by Richard Polsky was on my reading wishlist. Luckily I picked it up at Ariel for only $8 (a hard cover even). I know I said I wasn’t going to buy books anymore, only borrow them from the library (btw speaking of library books… oh that’s another story) but it was cheap and it wasn’t available at the library. The author is an art dealer (since the 80s) and his goal is to buy an Andy Warhol artwork (under $100,000). The book also covers how the world of art dealers and art auctions worked in the 80s and 90s. His style goes from condescending to self deprecating, sometimes he sounded like a ‘wannabe” and others times a big snob. I was interested in the many references to Andy Warhol of course, but also the Californian art scene (which I had just recently learned a lot about after watching The Cool School). He also referred to work by Joseph Cornell whose work I only discovered when I went to SF MOMA last year. Overall it was an interesting story, but his writing style kind of annoyed me.

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Jul 16

Recent observations on the morning train:
A guy with his shoes off with pirate socks on. His feet are on the seat in front and he’s reading a “nerd” magazine.
A man using an electric shaver to… shave.
A woman spraying hair spray – on the train!
Lots of pilgrims at the stations banging drums.

On the evening train:
Hoodlums (not pilgrims) drinking Jack Daniels and blasting out the Hilltop Hoods for everyone to hear.
Wish they were Hillsong Hoods (less menacing)

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Jul 15

What gives me the $hiz this week is that I am working part-time out in Westmead. I need to catch a train a few days a week, but not everyday. So I wouldn’t buy a travel pass or a weekly because it’s not economical. I just want to be able to quickly get on the train when I need to without having to queue up to buy a ticket for each individual trip. And another thing, I always seem to get in the slowest line, whether at the ticket machine or the human booth. AND there are not enough of either at Central Station (I’m talking Central freakin’ station, not some piddly little suburban station). AND today, when I went to the ticket machine with my exact right change, one of the $2 coins I had just kept falling through, so I had to cancel my transaction and go to the human booth anyway. Why can’t it be like in Hong Kong with the Octopus card – OMG that public transport ticketing system is so good!

Jul 12

Garage Sale

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This Sunday Dave and I are helping his parents with their “demolition” garage sale. I love garage sales but to be truthful I haven’t been very pro-active with the organisation. I figure that it isn’t really my garage sale, but I am bringing a little bit of stuff to try and flog. The one downside of living in an apartment is that you can’t have a garage or yard sale. Last time Dave and I had a garage sale, it was at his parent’s house even though we lived in the city and I did a huge promotional campaign around Epping to get customers. The early birds were so annoying (professionals who come and get your stuff cheap and then end up selling it on eBay or at their own market stall). I’m going to try and fence them out this time. I want to see lots of “compacters” there 🙂

Jul 07

I had to go to the RTA to apply for my Learner’s again. Sad but true, this is the third time I have had a Learner’s licence. I came this close to actually getting my Ps in May this year but… no cigar, then my Learner’s expired the next day. Anyway, I headed down to the Wynyard RTA office, I had already made a booking to do the Driver Knowledge Test online. There was a chirpy older guy serving some people before me. Then a woman came back from lunch and sat at the other station, the chirpy older guy asked her a couple of questions and she pretty much ignored him. Eventually she replied to his questions but she seemed to be a real stick in the mud. I went up to her counter as I was the next in line – she told me to “step behind the line” until she was ready for me. She set me up to do the computer touch screen test around the corner. The test comprises of 50 multiple choice questions. I noticed that when you put your finger on the first choice button on the screen, the cursor appeared above the button, so you had to actually put your finger below the button to make a selection on the first button. The other two choice buttons seemed to be OK. I found this a bit annoying but I completed the test and passed (phew). I thought I would mention the the button problem to my RTA customer service person but she said to me that it was because I was pressing the screen too hard. I was like, no I wasn’t and the other buttons work fine. I thought it might need to be looked at, but then I thought, maybe she won’t give me my licence if I argue with her, so I left it there. I had my photo taken and waited about 5 minutes for my licence to be made. Now back on the road for another extra 50 or so hours of driving before I can go for my Ps again. They changed the law from 50 hours of practice to 120 hours of practice a couple of years ago. At least I can still count my old hours towards the new 120 hours. Yes, I really wish I had done this 15 years ago but I can’t turn back the clock, so how about a bit of encouragement? Thanks.

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Jul 01

Melbourne – it’s a hell of a town!

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Me, jumping in Melbourne
Dave and I had a quick weekend trip down to Melbourne on the last weekend of June. The main reason was to help Thommy celebrate his 30th birthday but of course I managed to add a couple of exhibitions in too.
Breakfast at Birdman Eating
Thommy’s party at Cavallero
Great accommodation – a really nice house in North Fitzroy.
Shopping/eating on Brunswick Street and Collingwood (haven’t spent much time around this area before)
Visiting Meet Me at Mike’s store. Pip who runs the store was so nice. I’m so happy to see someone “living their dream”! It’s such a cute store and really supports the local crafty community. If only there was something like it in Sydney.
Game On exhibition at ACMI
Art Deco exhibition at NGV. This exhibition was not cheap – $22 but it was very comprehensive, so much furniture, art, photographs, fashion, jewellery etc from the Art Deco era – the top notch stuff from V&A in UK. I thought it was freakin’ awesome.
Seeing Gabby and Ruby, while they are staying with Shio and Rohan (and little Miro)

Wasn’t as freezing cold as I expected.
The taxi we called to go to the airport in Melbourne never turned up, so we had to drag our luggage out to the main road and flag one down in the dark.
Flight delayed from Melbourne to Sydney by about an hour.

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