Jan 27

Bubblers are back!

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Bubblers were a integral part of the school yard back in the day. Since then, bottled water has taken over and we know how that’s panned out – not very well. I have a reusable water bottle that I carry around with me, the problem is once I’ve finished drinking the water I brought from home, there aren’t many places in the city I can refill it, other than in public toilets. My favourite place to get “free” water is the bubbler located in the Sydney Apple Store. As a long-time Mac lover, I feel it is my right to go there and use their facilities (including the rest room and refilling my water bottle). Another place is in David Jones where they have a water dispenser inside the ladies rest rooms (at least it is clean and comfy in there). So 2 reasons there should be more bubblers in Sydney are:
1. Save money on buying water.
2. Reduce plastic waste.

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Jan 27

This is ingenious!

Dunk Mug

Dunk Mug

You could store extra sachets of sugar if you were not sweet enough too.

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Jan 20

Days Like This! Festival

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Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Flying Lotus
South Rakkas Crew

I had a great time at the Days Like This! Festival at the Entertainment Quarter on January 4. The event doesn’t have the same pressure as a New Year’s Eve or NYD event, but close enough that everyone still feels festive. I have to say that the line-up was quite tremendous and much suited to my current taste in music. Before the day, I had been telling people that it was the older clubbers or retired raver‘s festival. The variety of artists and the crowd made it really great compared to some festivals I’ve been to in the last few years. Also, the crap, gurning crowds have been a major factor in why I hardly ever go to music festivals any more.
I most enjoyed Flying Lotus in the Forum (hey airconditioning at a summer festival – different, unusual). It was the cross-over of live techno and instrumental electronic hip hop I’ve been looking for. I also enjoyed briefly seeing DJ Vadim, Recloose, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, A Guy called Gerald, Carl Craig and of course Public Enemy. After all these years PE still have an awesome presence and hearing nearly all of It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back live was awesome.
The only bad thing about Days Like This! was there was not enough food stalls and there were no pass outs, so you couldn’t go into EQ to get something to eat. Sure I understand that promoters probably have some deal with the stallholders that they are going to have a captive audience but the lines at dinner time had hundreds of people in them. Could do better with the food.
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