Feb 17

in a hurry before I went to bed last night. I went to iTunes and this was all I could come up with:
Hurricane – the new Grace Jones album
Situation (Hercules and Love Affair) – Yazoo
Blind (Full Album Version) – Hercules and Love Affair – I really love this track!
Dave advised me to use my Last.fm to find more of the music I like. What a good idea!

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Feb 13

Matthew Herbert Big Band

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I always mean to blog about all the great gigs I go to but never get around to it. So here’s a quick post about Matthew Herbert Big Band at the Sydney Opera House. The crowd was very mixed, lots of “young” Mad Racket type folks as well as older ladies like my Aunty Gladys! After a massive round of applause and cheering when Mathhew Herbert came onto the stage, I heard the guy behind me say something like, “he seems to be some sort of god-like figure for some of these people”. The performance and music was fantastic, so entertaining. The vocalist was amazing (I wish I could sing – so do my neighbours). For some weird reason even though the music was really loud, I didn’t need to use my musician’s earplugs at all! Maybe the Opera House acoustics suit my special volume needs??? Glad we spent the $$$ on this special event, was a shame we missed The Bug/ Rhythm & Sound night at Beck’s Bar though. Actually we did see R&S, because while on the bus on the way to the Opera House, we saw Sub Bass Snarl walking down the road with Mark Ernestus and Tikiman!

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Feb 06

taste! papparadelle with chopsticks

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For those who haven’t eaten in Hong Kong, try it on Danks Street instead.
This is from Jared Ingersoll on Danks Street Depot’s mailing list. I wonder if he writes the email himself or does he have “little” people to do it for him? I like checking if he’s in the kitchen when I eat there & watching him on Ready Steady Cook (in my soon to be very little spare time).

Most of you would have heard about David and my guest chef stint at prestigious Sevva in Hong Kong. Next Thursday night’s bar food night is all about recreating our experience of the bustling, cosmopolitan “Food Paradise” that is Hong Kong.

The menu will be divided in half so that you can choose to participate in what we ate while exploring the markets, hawker stalls, dai pong shops and restaurants or in what we fed the patrons of Sevva – or both! Click here for the menu.

We are also working on matching some beers to the menu items. So come and celebrate summer with us on the night and sample our take on Hong Kong Food, your old Danks Street Depot Favourites and the variety of lagers, ales and pilseners we’ll have on offer.
Bookings are essential so call us on 9698 2001 or email enquiry@danksstreetdepot.com.au.

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