May 27

Ruby,  Ella, Anthony and Laura
You may remember I started the Town Hall Steps project in 2008. In my lunch breaks, I’d take pics of random people waiting at Sydney Town Hall Steps. I haven’t really worked on it since being made redundant last year. Why? Too embarrassed to be seen around my old workplace? Moved on to other things? Unmotivated. I even have a better camera now than I did back then hmm….
Anyway, I was really interested in the Creative Sydney Festival coming up and received a call for entries for the Three Minute Sydney session. I decided at the last minute to enter. I didn’t really think they would pick me but I thought it was worth a try. Well they didn’t choose me, but they have told me they will be using some of my images at the Creative Sydney Salon Bar. So, I’m excited!

The CREATIVE SYDNEY SALON BAR at the MCA’s Foundation Hall is the place to meet and mingle with Sydney’s most exciting creative minds. Join us Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 5.30pm until late.

I’ll also be attending the talk Copyleft, Copyright and the In-between: IP and Remix Culture on Friday June 5, 6pm – 7:30pm.

May 15

Semi Permanent 2009 review, Sydney

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I went to both days of Semi Permanent 2009 in early April but I never got around to blogging about it until now. Forgot my camera on the first day and forgot a pen the second day. So here goes (not that) briefly and a lot of point form.

Timba Smits from Wooden Toy Magazine.
I really liked Timba’s presentation, he was really personable and had a well prepared talk (that wasn’t too slick), he’s inspiring and insane (hand drawn type, doing a magazine that makes no money!). It was funny when he made the sign language lady sign the words: gimp gear! Other stuff he mentioned:

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May 15

Happy one year redundancy anniversary to me

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It is exactly one year ago today that I (or my position) was made redundant at ad agency X. I just noticed that at least 15 of the people in this staff photo do not work there any longer. I was so depressed when it happened. Obviously, if it happened to me today, it wouldn’t be so surprising. Boo for the GEC. Since then, I have done freelance and contract work, completed a Certificate IV, holding 2 different jobs and not paid myself any super for 12 months… geez, my life is so much better for it ;p

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