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Beyonce in concert, Sydney 19/09/09
Beyonce in concert, Sydney 19/09/09

I finally got to see Beyonce in concert on Saturday 19 September, 2009. It was friggin’ awesome! One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few). There was a fantastic atmosphere, we had great seats, and Beyonce was a shining star! Her singing was fantastic, the costumes were cool, her dancing and the backup dancers were amazing, the all female band were tops, the visuals were… big and sharp (Dave noted that the screen was very high resolution for the size).

Jessica Mauboy (Australian Idol 2006 runner up) and Flo Rida were the supports. I was somewhat disappointed that Flo Rida didn’t come out and duet with Jessica during Running Back. They did a good job of “supporting” Beyonce and the crowd were polite enough to cheer and scream (especially when he took his shirt off and jumped in the crowd).

My favourite tracks of the night were: Crazy in Love, Halo, Single Ladies (especially when they played the montage of all the crazy youtube tributes), the Destiny’s Child Medley and Baby Boy.

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