Dec 25

Xmas pressies

Dave gave me a great book called Raving ’89, The Piano soundtrack, and a new Mario Wii game! Before lunch we went to Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium to visit the final resting place of many of my family. It really sucks that I have to go there to see my mum on Christmas Day. While I’m there, I also say hello to my uncle, aunty, grandparents and great grandparents. After that, we had lunch with the in-laws, my dad and cousin. We ate steamed whole snapper, ham, turkey, prawns, salads and lots of dessert. Just resting at home now before part 2 tonight.
Merry Christmas, hope it is a wonderful day for you.

Dec 17

What’s with all the Barbie cross-over crap

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Don’t you know, she’s not a real person. I can’t understand why perfectly tasteful and stylish brands would do a cross promotion with Barbie.
Example Mimco

Barbie loves Mimco

Barbie loves Mimco

Dec 14

I tried to blog more this year

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I think there was good start earlier in the year but as usual, the blog entries begin to slump as the year goes on. Let it be known that I still go out occasionally and do semi-interesting things and have my special opinion on them, I’ve just been too lazy to blog hard.
I’m doing this at work (naughty), there is no personal internet access here and no mobile service! I feel trapped!

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