Feb 22

AC/DC – so hot right now

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You may be wondering why I’m blogging about AC/DC. I don’t even like heavy metal! Well, seeing the hundreds of fans on the train over the last few days has inspired me to write about the legendary band Acca Dacca! When I was in Year 8 or 9, I was “in love” with a boy named Ethan, he used to do BMX bike tricks and he liked AC/DC. I think that we were even “going together” for a week (or maybe that was my imagination). He did let me borrow some of his AC/DC cassette tapes, I duly played them on my Walkman and pretended to enjoy them. Anyway, more than 20 years later, they are still as popular as ever, with 3 generations of fans (so it seemed on the trains) and they’ve been following me around all year. They arrived in NZ while I was on holidays there and now they are in Sydney. Anyway, if you’re a fan, I’m sure you have relived the glory days in the past week at the concerts in Olympic Park. And I’d really like to thank them for a writing a song about me too 😉 Whole Lotta Rosie!

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Feb 19

George Michael

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I’m going to see George Michael in concert next week. I’m very excited! I saw a photo of him leaving Catalina Restaurant in Sydney a couple of days ago. It would be awesome if I happened to see him on the street. Maybe if I hung out at gay bars (again), I would. I have loved his work since Wham, George was on the top of my list of singers I must see in concert before I die! Obviously, I’ve already crossed out a lot off this list already! I’m going to assume he’ll be at Mardi Gras this year.

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