Oct 30

P plates at work

Got my Ps!

1. Get my driver’s licence
2. Attend a trivia night
3. Have a dinner party
4. See Eat Pray Love
5. Get another pet fish
6. Conquer my clutter
7. Get Dave to do his tax
8. Have a picnic
9. Have a market stall (see #6)
10. Bake a cake

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Oct 06

Disco Boy – book review

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I recently finished reading Disco Boy by Dominic Knight, of The Chaser fame. I bought it a while ago for $1 from a stall at Redwater Markets in Redfern. Looks like it was a review copy.
I’m not a great book reviewer, so I’ll just list some points about it below:
1. I really enjoyed it
2. Name checks lots of Sydney locations we know and love.
3. Name checks lots of awesome pop songs esp from the 80s and 90s.
4. It’s chick-lit for dudes.
5. I actually quoted the character Paul as MobyDisc DJ in real-life while DJing at Rob’s 40th.
6. It feels like it was written by someone I know – it’s so Sydney!
7. It has a happy ending 😉


Disco Boy cover

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Oct 04

October: Buy Nothing New Month

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I’m participating in this Buy Nothing New Month challenge, it’s a promotion for the Salvation Army. I know, it’s just like The Compact, but hey – it’s put a new spin on an old concept.

Old is the New New this October, with Salvos Stores’ first ever Buy Nothing New Month.
Get on board for more money in your pockets, time on your hands and a lighter carbon footprint.
Buying nothing new doesn’t mean going without. Make a Buy Nothing New Month pledge and you can buy, barter and swap for whatever you need, as long as it is pre-loved, but with the exceptions of necessities you can’t buy anything new.

So far, I have gone to the fab Surry Hills library to borrow some books & mags instead of buying new ones. OK, it’s not the biggest library with the best range, but it’s local, has free wifi and is well designed. The library chooses books that are appealing and appropriate for the local community.
I haven’t been near a shopping centre, so far, this long weekend. It’s easy to avoid buying new things when you avoid temples of consumerism, such as Westfield. Anyway, hoping I can really save some money and cut back on my clutter & stuff this month.

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Oct 03

DJ playlist from Rob’s 40th party

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Australian Rozie

Australian Rozie

Here are some tracks I played at Rob’s 40th birthday party. I was using Mark’s CD decks, not vinyl or scratch live (which I prefer). Had a few technical difficulties with MP3s on disc and I didn’t bring enough music. It seems that I now do only one DJ gig per year (I’m very exclusive ha ha), so book in for 2011 now ;).

Anyway – a fun time was had by all, great to catch with lots of old friends and drop some 80s glory. Mark played some nice house and disco tunes too.

In no particular order and not a complete list:
Come Back and Stay – Paul Young
Girls on Film – Duran Duran
Pull up to the Bumper – Grace Jones
Heaven is a Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle
Mad World – Tears for Fears
Let’s Go Crazy – Prince
1999 – Prince
What have you done for me lately – Janet Jackson
Loose Fit – Happy Mondays
Blue Monday – New Order
Loaded – Primal Scream
Naughty Girl – Beyonce
SexyBack – Justin Timberlake
Bulletproof – La Roux
All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie
Hung Up – Madonna
Music – Madonna
Vogue – Madonna
Holiday – Madonna
Dress You Up – Madonna
Cherish – Madonna
Suburbia – Pet Shop Boys
Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson
Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell (feat. Michael Jackson)
Got to be Real – Cheryl Lynn
I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross
Can’t get you out of my head – Kylie
Send Me an Angel – Real Life
and sorry I didn’t have any P!nk @#$%

Oh and Happy 40th Rob!

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