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Blondie, live in concert, Sydney, 2010 – 03

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Considering how far back up on the balcony our seats were, this is a pretty good shot!
Debbie Harry – Blondie & The Pretenders, Enmore Theatre, Sydney 09/12/10

Apr 03

Haven’t been tagged for a while!

So 7 things about me? I’ve decided to also give you some musical insight…

:: My top three gigs of all time are: Bros @ Sydney Entertainment Centre c. 1988, Duran Duran @ The Enmore Theatre 2003 & George Michael @ Sydney Football Stadium 2010. (Oh I have to mention Michael Jackson @ Parramatta Stadium 1987 of course, and Daft Punk @ Sydney Showground at Nevereverland 2008)

:: My first concert was at the Sydney Entertainment Centre to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band in 1985. I can’t remember the exact date but a google search has found a set list from the tour! I was in Year 7 and I went with my Uncle Ronald and some other relatives & his friends. There was a bit of a drama… I think my other uncle had his car broken into and his briefcase stolen (with the tickets to the show). As this was a sell-out tour, the tickets ended up being scalped! Luckily my uncle was very a-n-a-1 and had photocopied the ticketsSomehow the credit card transaction records were enough proof of purchase, so when some randoms came in and sat in our seats, they ended up getting booted out, while my uncle was “waiting in the wings” to get in! I remember being the youngest person at the concert, but really enjoying it. This began a long history of attending concerts that continues to today 🙂

:: The three concert tours that I have done a double take (attended twice) are: Michael Jackson – Bad Tour 1987, Prince – Diamonds and Pearls Tour 1992 and Kylie – Showgirl Tour 2006!

:: DJ gigs don’t count as concerts, so here are my top three DJ sets of all time: Jeff Mills @ Apollo Festival 1998, Derrick May @ The Palladium 199?, Diplo @ The Mandarin Club 2006.

:: I am bummed that Australian Idol got axed. Luckily, it was not around when I was a teenager or I would have been one of those terribly off-key wannabe’s embarrassing themselves on national television.

:: Even though I have worn ear-plugs to parties/gigs/clubs for the past 15 years, I’ve still managed to develop tinnitus and must go into retirement 🙁

:: I will come out of retirement if Underground Resistance play in Sydney!

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