Sep 11

My September 11 story

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Well, it’s not much of a story, I wasn’t in New York or even America at the time. I was living at home in the burbs of Sydney, my mum had passed away six months earlier, so life wasn’t that great anyway. I was studying for my Certificate III in IT (Web design) course. It was night time in Australia and my brother or my dad told me to have a look at the tv. Needless to say, I was freaked out. I began thinking that perhaps this terrorism was going on all around the world and I just wanted to speak to my fiancĂ©, Dave. At this stage, only one plane had hit the towers. While I was watching tv, the second plane hit as well. Dave was hanging out with his friend in Darlinghurst and didn’t know about the attacks until I told him on the phone. That night, I went to sleep feeling very shocked and sad. My dad, being dad, decided to video-tape the news (he always did that for important things). The next day I went to college/work in the city and everyone in the office was quite numb. Dave said to me, that I should come over to his place and stare at our pet goldfish, somehow it seemed like a good idea. The rest is history…

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