Jun 30

30 June – end of financial year and a month of blogging.

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30 June

Had brunch at Sopra at Fratelli Fresh today. On arrival at Danks Street, we randomly found DeBN giving out flyers for the Greens out the front. De gave us the spiel about Egg Labelling and we had a quick chat before heading upstairs to Sopra. I was expecting a long wait & queue but strangely there were heaps of empty tables. We had a D&M over some tasty Italian food with Confused Machines, let’s say I’m compassionate but still a bit confused.
On a brighter note, we checked out the galleries on Danks Street, I really need to go there more often… there’s culture right on my doorstep! I particularly liked the exhibition at Depot II called Thread Paper Fibre Clay.

Thread Paper Fibre Clay showcases new and favourite artworks by Meredith Woolnough, Lisa Rodden, Rae Woolnough and Christine MacKinnon, at the Depot II Gallery, Waterloo, from 26th June – 7th July 2012. Exquisite, intricate and powerful, this is a collection of truly unique interpretations of nature. Through the supremely tactile and textured mediums that give this event its name, these artists explore the relationships between land, sea, human connection and imagination. From the serene to the sublime, you will be drawn by desire to examine and explore each piece in every detail.

There was an artist meet & greet happening while we were there, so it was nice to (have a free drink) meet the artists and ask some questions about their work. I really liked Lisa Rodden’s paper artworks – wish it was in my budget to purchase some art from this show. I think I saw her work in Paper Runway magazine too. Meredith Woolnough, embroidery artist’s work was great too (her work is on the back wall in the photo below).

Thread Paper Fibre Clay exhibition

Later in the afternoon we headed over to the refurbished Forrester’s Hotel. We used to go there all the time when we lived on Riley Street. There has been an interesting redesign of the space, it was an eccletic mix of South American/Hollywood/tiki tackiness with a touch of American diner. We enjoyed a few bar snacks before heading over to the Honka Princess’ birthday dinner at Zushi. Happy Birthday Jo, you look great for your age 😛

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Jun 29

29 June – Still love my reality shows… especially Masterchef Australia

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29 June

I was home alone on Friday night, so got a chance to catch up on some Myth TV recordings. I watched Better Homes & Gardens, Masterchef, The Model Agency, Photo Finish and The Hotel Inspector. Phew that’s a lot of tv!

Re: Masterchef series 4 – my top 3 for 2012 are Audra, Amina and Mindy. I did have a thing for Filippo, but unfortunately he has been eliminated.

Jun 28

28 June – music, music, music

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Oh hey, I just joined mixcloud 😛

Follow Australian Rozie on Mixcloud

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Jun 27

27 June – rego, redfern and surry hills

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27 June

27 June

I had the day off work today – got to love the nine day fortnight! I took the opportunity to go for a walk around the local area and avoid shopping centres. I really like the store called Title on Crown Street in Surry Hills. It has a great selection of music, books and dvds which are not mainstream or commercial – go to JB HiFi if you want that $hit. They have opened/expanded their existing store to the shop next door, now they have heaps more awesome art/design/music books… I’d love to have so many of them but I’m trying to conquer my clutter (very badly). One that caught my eye was The Girl in the Song: The Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics – I love music books, you can call it trivia or reference or history. Anyway, I held back, sorry not helping the local economy but at least I’m not going to buy it online for half the price! Actually, I did buy a little present for the Honka Princess’ birthday.

In other news, TBWA\Worldwide relaunches digital offering

Charles Clapshaw has been named TBWA\Dan’s president, heading up the network alongside its new worldwide executive creative director David Lee.

WOW! I used to work with Charles (he was one of those guys who loved fun music in the office and was actually nice to work with in an ad agency). I guess that wasn’t him on the train the other day. I was sitting behind a guy and he looked just like Charles. Great work if you can get it. Congratulations!

Jun 26

26 June

My challenge to blog everyday for the whole of June is still under-way, I haven’t done too badly in keeping up-to-date. I have to say, there isn’t much to say. ha ha

Car registration expires today, this never used to concern me, as I didn’t drive, but now it’s a different story. I asked Dave to renew the rego weeks ago, but he didn’t do it until today… hmmmpf. Let’s hope I don’t get pulled over in the 850m from the mechanic’s to home in the morning.

Jun 25

25 June – let them eat cake

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25 June

These two cakes represent the two decades Sarah, our intern at work has achieved. There’s been a lot of birthdays in the office this month… is there such thing as too much cake???

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Jun 25

24 June – The other side (of the bridge)

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24 June

Spent some time on the “northside” today. Dave made some lunch and we ate in the park by the harbour, even though it’s the middle of winter, it was really nice. That’s Sydney for you. After that, we headed over to Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst and we both had coconut & pandan gelato. Yum.

Jun 23

23 June – Garage Sale, Rugby Union

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23 June

This morning we participated in our apartment block’s community garage sale. We had a selection of unwanted gifts, old books, magazines, a very small selection of DVDs and CDs we could bear to part with, but mostly nothing really great. It’s interesting to see what kind of stuff people have to sell. One stall had some kitschy Peanuts statues, one said “A friend is a present you give to yourself” – it was cute but I held back! There was also designer and fake fashions, handbags, shoes, kitchenware, a giant pressure cooker, Mardi Gras singlets (wrong weather for these), home made cakes, a pumpkin and some strange handmade vases made from plastic piping. We didn’t make much money and it was really, really cold in the morning. Overall it was nice to meet some neighbours and try and get rid of some of our clutter. Afterwards, a small group of us went to the pub for lunch and watch the rugby union match actually being held around the corner (Australia vs Wales) – not a good time to be driving around. It was fun to see one of our neighbours on the field. Yah Wallabies 🙂

Jun 22

22 June – What a week

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Phew glad that’s over.

22 June

Check out this lunch from the Hospital cafeteria: half serve of calamari rings, tossed salad and half serving of garlic for $4.35!

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Jun 21

21 June – World Firefighter’s Games launch

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21 June

An exciting morning at work with the launch of the World Firefighters Games. Ministers and other dignitaries attended the launch, as well as my friend Bandaged Bear. I got to hold up a pull up banner, so the wind didn’t blow it over during the minister’s announcement. Do you know what the great thing about this is (other than the pledge to raise $250,000 for The Children’s Hospital)? There are going to be thousands of hot firefighters from around the world in Sydney this October!

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