Apr 22

*** STOP THE PRESS *** With today’s tragic news of the untimely passing of Prince, I thought I better publish this post I’ve been meaning to do for 2 months. BIG SAD FACE for music lovers around the world today 🙁

When the Piano & Microphone Tour was suddenly announced I was so excited. As one of my “all time favourite” artists, seeing Prince perform was something I really looked forward to. Sure, I saw him not that long ago in 2012 but anyhoo, this was different. This was Prince performing without a band, backing singers, dancers or Prince style razzle dazzle – something minimal and special.
The downside was that I had already spent a fortune on Madonna Rebel Heart Tour tickets for March already. WHY did my two all time favourites have to tour Australia within two months of each other?!@%
I ended up going by myself because no-one I knew was dedicated enough to spend the (some say exorbitant) $389.90. There were cheaper tickets but they sold out so quickly. Most of my friends ended up with Sydney Opera House tickets (which would have been nice to go to as well).
So Dave stayed home and looked after baby JAG while mummy “went to work” on Sunday evening.
The crowd was, as expected older (and richer) than your average concert crowd. I met some nice people while waiting for the show to start, even a lady who saw The Beatles (when she was a kid) with her parents. I ended up sitting next to another “insane” fan Lauren, who went by herself and we had a great chat about concerts and music. Check out her blog – Sounds of Oz. We also chatted excitedly with the fans sitting around us. I assumed that everyone at these shows was a serious fan and not someone dragged along by their girlfriend because they had nothing better to do! There was a couple who had been to 3 Piano & Microphone shows already in Melbourne and Sydney! Some serious fandom was in the house.
Anyway, when he finally took to the stage it was just amazing hearing his voice and watching him play the piano. The audience was enraptured. I was just sitting there thinking how cool it was to see Prince being “minimal” and singing some of my favourite songs “unplugged”. There wasn’t as much banter as I would have liked, a few stories and anecdotes would have been nice. There were some special moments for fans, a lady who got to “daggy dance” on stage during Raspberry Beret and the kid who danced his little heart out to Kiss.
Some of the other tracks he played: Let’s Go Crazy, Why Don’t You Call Me, Controversy, Love Thy Will be Done, Black Muse. Cream, Money Don’t Matter 2Nite. Encores: Little Red Corvette, Nothing Compare 2U, Black Sweat, Kiss and Purple Rain.
The security were very strict on photos/video/phones/cameras at the show so I don’t have any pics of the actual performance. I wasn’t going to risk being kicked out and it was kind of good to be forced to just watch the show.
It was all over before we knew it, shame it wasn’t a little bit longer than the 90 minutes, because he started late and there was another show afterwards. I collected my “free” Hit & Run Phase II CD and made my way home on the bus bathed in the glory of Prince and his piano and microphone.

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