Why am I called Australian Rozie?

It is a pun on the adult magazine called Australian Rosie. My husband registered the domain name for me because he thought it would be funny. I then began to use Australian Rozie as my DJ name and online moniker. Also, I am Australian Chinese, so it sort of has something to do with that.

What I do for fun

Take photos, write in my blog – www.australianrozie.com, use Google Reader, go to parties (I’m old skool – I’ve almost seen it all in Sydney since the late 80s. Hordern Parties, Mardi Gras, underground raves with just a strobe and a swinging light bulb, students association parties, the godfathers of techno, the queen of pop, legends of hip-hop, djs big and small, nightclubs dark & dingy, superclubs loud and proud… I’ve even been crazy enough to organise a few of my own events). I also like to hang out with friends & family, see DJs (occasionally), go to art galleries, concerts, gigs and watch TV shows I have downloaded.

Other stuff about me

I’m older than I look. I hate cats. I have a Bachelor of Design from UWS, Nepean.
Previously work experience includes: School Mistress, Record Label honcho (Cybersonic Records c1996) and Society Photographer (In The Mix).
I also like to give out unsolicited advice and opinions.

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