Sep 15

Australian Idol – Idols Idol Night review

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I’ll try and make my reviews of the Idol finals brief, really, you have to be there (in front of the tv). Must work on my bro to get me some ringside seats sometime this season.
Tonight’s theme was Idol’s Idols, I think most of them had a very strange idea of what a music “Idol” is, but then again when I was 15, my idol was Madonna, then again she is still a pop idol icon. Where will they be next year?
Wes – Beautiful Day (U2) – Good song choice, Good performance
Tom – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith) – Crap song choice, OK performance
Roshani – Tell Me About It (Joss Stone) – poor song choice, good performance
Teale – Walk Away Renee (Rick Price) – Crap song, poor performance. Hello, Rick Price is his Idol????
Sophie – Mr. Jones (Counting Crows) – Crap song, poor performance
Luke – Feelin’ Alright (Joe Cocker) – I don’t like Joe Cocker, but the song suited him.
Brooke – These Words (Natasha Bedingfield) – OK song, Ok performance
Thanh – This Love (Maroon Five) – Crap song, crap arrangement (hello boy band), cheesy vocal. After he got caned by the judges, he kept saying but this is me, and I’m thinking oh dear that’s bad if that’s you.
Madam – Closer (Ne-Yo) – OK song (I think she could have picked a better Idol – Mary J Blige at least), Awesome vocal, awesome performance, she’s hot!
Jonny – Better Man (Pearl Jam) – great song, great vocal, crap performance. Well we know what’s happened to him now (he’s been voted out). A shame he’s gone, because I wanted to hear him sing Depeche Mode.
Chrislyn – Think (Aretha Franklin – now that’s an Idol!!!) – great song, great vocals, great performance. Dave says she even does the wacky faces that Aretha does, and this girl is only 17 – amazing.
Mark – Never Tear Us Apart (INXS) – Great song, great vocal, big scar on side of head. Mark is the quiet achiever, he always picks a good song.

What Australian Rozie would have sung – not that I can sing, but if I could…
Like a Prayer – Madonna

Now listen contestants, song choice is very important.

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Sep 13

The only reason I can see that Amanda Grafanakis didn’t make the Final 12 of Australian Idol 2008 was that she picked a god-awful song to sing when she got a second chance in the wildcard show.
What was the song???
The Best (or is it Simply the Best) by Tina Turner. Why the hell would you choose that song to save your chances of a pop career? For heavens sake, the judges said she was extremely marketable and talented – I bet they saw the Australian Gwen Stefani when they looked at her. So what does she sing, a cheesy, cheesy song from the 80s. Why didn’t she just give them what they wanted and sing a No Doubt track?
No doubt, she is kicking herself.

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Sep 02

I am happy with tonight’s two finalists Chrislyn Hamilton and Wes Carr for the Idol 2008 Top 12. I’ve liked these two even before the semi-final last night, so I’m glad they’ve both got in. Chrislyn has balls and Wes rocks out (please stop shaking your leg when you sing though).
On tonight’s semi-final show, I liked Amanda Grafanakis the best – she looks cool and sang a song by Pink. She reminds me of the girl who sang Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip last year.
Natalie Colavito is going to give the big girls a run for their money, she sang Listen quite well but I think she could have been a bit more melodic. Is there enough room for two big girls in the Top 12? Quirky Brooke Wilkie lost her voice due to illness and unfortunately, shit happens – you don’t get another go next week. It’s a shame because her Top 100 performances were pretty cool and unlike last year’s quirky girl, she can sing. I was also going for Thanh Bui, but I think it was a sympathy vote because he’s Asian. His performance of One (U2) was, as the judges said, a bit boy band. Luke Dickens, the rock dude sang well, but he’s not my Idol material – a bit too rough. I have a bad feeling this year’s Matt Corby, Tom Williams will get through on his young, dreamboat looks – and he sang such a daggy song!
I missed quite a lot of Idol last year when I went overseas. No plans or $ to go anywhere this year – so it’s going to be Idol Central at the House of Wongillies!!!

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