Jun 01

Vivid Sydney 2012 - Vivid Ideas

Hello! I am forcing myself (ok challenging myself) to blog every day for the month of June. So my blog doesn’t look so lonely and sad and I can stop apologising for not updating my blog.
The VIVID festival is underway in Sydney, although it launched last week, I’ve only now had a chance to check it out. Working way out west does have it’s cultural disadvantages ha ha. Alighting at Circular Quay station gave me quite a breath-taking view (more than normal) with all the lighting effects and projections around the harbour tonight. I still have to spend a bit more time exploring the light sculptures and installations dotted around the harbour before the festival ends. The city had a “civilised NYE” feel to it, which was really nice.
Dave and I attended the Vivid Ideas talk by Cory Doctorow. I have been telling people he is some sort of internet, copyright, sci-fi ideas man. Have to admit, a lot of his talk went over my head, and Dave mentioned that he had “dumbed down” his talk. Oh well – I guess that’s what people feel like when they see a band they don’t really know and everyone else around them is singing the words to all their songs. There was a large appreciative audience on the 6th floor of the MCA in a nice function room with awesome views.
Afterwards, we caught up with Tom & KTC for some dinner at the new-ish Fratelli Fresh/Cafe Sopra Bridge Street. It was packed in there even at 9pm and by the time we got to order a lot of the main meals were sold out. The food was great and I even forgot to take photos of it – so I was not FAB (female asian blogger) on duty. I miss working in the city where the food is fresh and fabulous. Anyway, it was great to have an impromptu catch up with friends, need to do that more often.

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Oct 06

Disco Boy – book review

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I recently finished reading Disco Boy by Dominic Knight, of The Chaser fame. I bought it a while ago for $1 from a stall at Redwater Markets in Redfern. Looks like it was a review copy.
I’m not a great book reviewer, so I’ll just list some points about it below:
1. I really enjoyed it
2. Name checks lots of Sydney locations we know and love.
3. Name checks lots of awesome pop songs esp from the 80s and 90s.
4. It’s chick-lit for dudes.
5. I actually quoted the character Paul as MobyDisc DJ in real-life while DJing at Rob’s 40th.
6. It feels like it was written by someone I know – it’s so Sydney!
7. It has a happy ending đŸ˜‰


Disco Boy cover

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Mar 21

George Michael live in Sydney review – 26/02/2010

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George Michael in concert, Sydney 2010 - 27
George Michael in concert, Sydney 2010 - 07
George Michael in concert, Sydney 2010 - 09
George Michael in concert, Sydney 2010 - 19

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while. What can I say? George Michael totally lived up to expectations. The concert was advertised to start at 7:30pm – very early for a Friday night with typical Sydney peak hour traffic. Even George was held up by the traffic getting to the Sydney Football Stadium. Times like this I’m glad I live in walking distance of Moore Park. I sat with my dear friend from school Matt and his party posse. George performed with his band and back up singers for 2 hours (with a 20 minute intermission featuring a countdown shot clock on the big screen). He did every song I wanted to hear: I’m Your Man, Faith, Careless Whisper, Too Funky, One More Try, Father Figure, Fastlove, Amazing and the finale Freedom 90. So glad he didn’t do Wake Me Up Before you Go Go – I’m sure he is as over that song as I am. He looked pretty happy to be there and his devoted crowd were loving him back, singing along to every song. I was 100% satisfied at the end of the concert – it was worth every cent. I like George so much I was willing to pay more to be closer to the front – I think tickets went up to $1000 but no-one I knew was insane enough to spend that much money on him. I heard that he has been having an extended holiday in Sydney – so maybe I will still see him walking down the street. Sure he’s a bit older and little bit tubbier, but he can still sing and dance – just like the good old days đŸ˜‰ Great concert – 5 stars!

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Sep 15

Australian Idol – Idols Idol Night review

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I’ll try and make my reviews of the Idol finals brief, really, you have to be there (in front of the tv). Must work on my bro to get me some ringside seats sometime this season.
Tonight’s theme was Idol’s Idols, I think most of them had a very strange idea of what a music “Idol” is, but then again when I was 15, my idol was Madonna, then again she is still a pop idol icon. Where will they be next year?
Wes – Beautiful Day (U2) – Good song choice, Good performance
Tom – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith) – Crap song choice, OK performance
Roshani – Tell Me About It (Joss Stone) – poor song choice, good performance
Teale – Walk Away Renee (Rick Price) – Crap song, poor performance. Hello, Rick Price is his Idol????
Sophie – Mr. Jones (Counting Crows) – Crap song, poor performance
Luke – Feelin’ Alright (Joe Cocker) – I don’t like Joe Cocker, but the song suited him.
Brooke – These Words (Natasha Bedingfield) – OK song, Ok performance
Thanh – This Love (Maroon Five) – Crap song, crap arrangement (hello boy band), cheesy vocal. After he got caned by the judges, he kept saying but this is me, and I’m thinking oh dear that’s bad if that’s you.
Madam – Closer (Ne-Yo) – OK song (I think she could have picked a better Idol – Mary J Blige at least), Awesome vocal, awesome performance, she’s hot!
Jonny – Better Man (Pearl Jam) – great song, great vocal, crap performance. Well we know what’s happened to him now (he’s been voted out). A shame he’s gone, because I wanted to hear him sing Depeche Mode.
Chrislyn – Think (Aretha Franklin – now that’s an Idol!!!) – great song, great vocals, great performance. Dave says she even does the wacky faces that Aretha does, and this girl is only 17 – amazing.
Mark – Never Tear Us Apart (INXS) – Great song, great vocal, big scar on side of head. Mark is the quiet achiever, he always picks a good song.

What Australian Rozie would have sung – not that I can sing, but if I could…
Like a Prayer – Madonna

Now listen contestants, song choice is very important.

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Jul 25

Awesome position available

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While I was browsing on MyCareer, I saw this awesome job…
I would say I have about 2% qualification for this role ;P

Head of Design

* Artistic and educational vision
* Leadership in design training
* Industry standing

NIDA is Australia’s national institute of dramatic art. Located in Sydney, it is a centre of excellence in education and training for careers in theatre, film, television and other performance media.
We are seeking an inspiring and energetic Head of Design to develop and direct the teaching program for the Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Design) and to manage the design elements of NIDA’s Play Production Program. This is a unique opportunity to take on a key role in one of Australia’s most influential arts and education institutions.

With a significant track record of achievement in arts/entertainment and insight into the role of education and training, you will have a respected profile in the cultural sector. You will have the ability to contribute to a collaborative educational environment to develop the potential of students pursuing a professional career.

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