Jul 17

Dear Clark Rubber

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Dear Clark Rubber,
Why did you put a brochure for “Wow, fabulous deals on family pools!” in my letterbox when I live in an apartment?

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Aug 16

There is a competition in Grazia magazine to be a blogger for 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty in September. You need to write 300-350 words in the style of a gossip blog. So I did. The magazine (the printed paper version) says to enter, log on to grazia.com.au to submit your entry. What sucks is that I can’t seem to find anywhere on their website to enter the comp – in fact they don’t even mention this on their competitions page. What gives? Such a shame the competition closes at 11:59pm AEST on August 17. I can’t even ring up or email anyone to find out more. AND, their isn’t even any Contact Us details on the Grazia website. AND it’s part of ninemsn which Dave advises me, sucks. Anyway, here is my entry:
On a cold and bitter Wednesday night, Honka Princess and I (Australian Rozie) ventured down to the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival for Review Show #1. Firstly we went up to the MLC Centre for pre-show drinks in the Rosemount VIP Wine Bar. We were greeted by very friendly staff who gave us a bag that included MAC make-up and a bottle of wine. We tried to get our hands on as much free food as possible, but sadly the waitress just passed us by, surely they knew we weren’t models and we wanted to eat. Just to make sure that A-listers’ shit don’t stink, they had Jo Malone candles in the ladies toilets!
We headed into the big marquee in the middle of Martin Place for the show. Luckily, I bumped into my brother who had spare tickets. His seats were much better than the ones we had, so we took them. Honka Princess went around to grab the goodie bags that were on the seats we didn’t take, she ended up with three bags – always the frugal princess. We ended up sitting right at the end of the runway, just in front of the the photographers, in the second row behind Simon Lock’s shiny head. The show featured Australian designers such as Alex Perry, Camilla, Easton Pearson, Lisa Ho and Hotel Bondi Swim. The models didn’t smile much. I don’t know why they didn’t look happy, if I had a body like that I’d be laughing. The clothes in the parade covered everything from cocktail dresses to bikini’s. The music was quite terrible, there was a Blondie track (how predictable), some of the mixing was really messy and they played a god-awful electro-clashy song that used the lyrics of Careless Whisper. Could do better! Before we knew it, the show was over and everyone was filing out. I saw the always perky, Catriona Rowntree and the Director of the MCA, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor (please, you’ve got to lose the tartan, even Isabella Blow changed her hats).

Dave said it was a bit negative, but I was just being a bitchy gossip girl.
You can see some more photos of the night here
Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

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Jul 07

I had to go to the RTA to apply for my Learner’s again. Sad but true, this is the third time I have had a Learner’s licence. I came this close to actually getting my Ps in May this year but… no cigar, then my Learner’s expired the next day. Anyway, I headed down to the Wynyard RTA office, I had already made a booking to do the Driver Knowledge Test online. There was a chirpy older guy serving some people before me. Then a woman came back from lunch and sat at the other station, the chirpy older guy asked her a couple of questions and she pretty much ignored him. Eventually she replied to his questions but she seemed to be a real stick in the mud. I went up to her counter as I was the next in line – she told me to “step behind the line” until she was ready for me. She set me up to do the computer touch screen test around the corner. The test comprises of 50 multiple choice questions. I noticed that when you put your finger on the first choice button on the screen, the cursor appeared above the button, so you had to actually put your finger below the button to make a selection on the first button. The other two choice buttons seemed to be OK. I found this a bit annoying but I completed the test and passed (phew). I thought I would mention the the button problem to my RTA customer service person but she said to me that it was because I was pressing the screen too hard. I was like, no I wasn’t and the other buttons work fine. I thought it might need to be looked at, but then I thought, maybe she won’t give me my licence if I argue with her, so I left it there. I had my photo taken and waited about 5 minutes for my licence to be made. Now back on the road for another extra 50 or so hours of driving before I can go for my Ps again. They changed the law from 50 hours of practice to 120 hours of practice a couple of years ago. At least I can still count my old hours towards the new 120 hours. Yes, I really wish I had done this 15 years ago but I can’t turn back the clock, so how about a bit of encouragement? Thanks.

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May 12

I am quoting my brother Jme with the above statement.
This is a story about what should be a simple and painless Mother’s Day lunch.
Firstly, I googled “high tea at swissotel sydney” because I wanted to make a booking for this Sunday. The first thing that comes up is the review of high tea at the Swissotel on the awesome foodie blog Grab your fork. Nowhere on the first Google page is any link to the Swissotel itself. So I look up their site another way and there is NOTHING about the High Tea that is supposed to be offered at their hotel bar/restaurant. Also, there is no phone number easily found on their homepage. Like duh! So I go back to Grab your Fork and there are all the contact details neatly at the end of the review. I call up the hotel:
Rozie: “Hello, I’d like to make a booking for Sunday for High Tea.”
Hotel Girl: “High Tea??? Oh, umm…” Not a good start. She puts me through to the “bar”.
Male with strong Asian accent: Err, Umm, booking? It will be $35…Err, umm, can I have your credit card number… (something about securing the booking).
I kind of didn’t want to give this unprofessional sounding guy my credit card details, but I did because I didn’t want to miss out on the Mother’s Day booking. So I give him all the booking details a “normal” place would need. I got off the phone with a slightly bad feeling…
Sunday (Mother’s Day) comes along and I need to add one person to the booking. So I get my brother to call up.
Jme: “Hi, I’d like to confirm a booking for today and add one more person, here is the name, time etc”
Hotel person: “Err umm, ummmmmm… we don’t have your booking”.
Anyway, Jme made sure that there would be a table for us when we arrived at Swissotel an hour later.
So, the service when we arrived was a bit random, most of the staff are young and obviously inexperienced. On a positive note, there was plenty of food and a lot of variety from savoury to sweet which was nicely presented. The chocolate fountain didn’t seem to be working properly and the chocolate tasted a bit yuck which was a disappointment. It was quite busy but the place wasn’t packed out. When it came to paying the bill, I noticed that it said $45 per person. I think it was the manager who was taking our money. I told him that the guy on the phone told me it was $35. The “manager” said it was actually $45 because it was Mother’s Day. At this point, I decided to tell him all about my previous experience with this lunch. He was somewhat apologetic and exasperated. I know that there is a shortage of decent wait staff in this city… but that ain’t my problem. The manager of this hotel needs to get the staff’s $hit together. He did give me a small box of chocolates (as some kind of compensation) but that’s not going to stop me blogging with an iron fist. So, I gave him my business card, and now I wait to see if the Swissotel will follow up on my complaints. Of course, this is not the only place I’ve been to in Sydney with questionable service, but I just haven’t the time to blog about every experience. Wish I was a professional blogger!
Phew – glad I got that of my chest.

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