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Semi-permanent 2010

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Here’s some notes from day one Friday 19 March.
Frankie Magazine – their presentation was: relevant, organised, informative, inspirational. Made me want to subscribe to the magazine.
Some references: Sirota Guess Who book.
Frankie magazine

Travis Millard/Mel Kadel – this couple were super casual, very laid back in their presentation style but personable and funny. They are both really talented illustrators/artists. I saw Travis later on and told him he did a great preso and he said thx.
Some references: Raymond Pettibone, Fudge Factory Comics, Michael Jackson in Exile comic, Strong Arms, Farts – a spotter’s guide.

Travis Millard/Mel Kadel

Craig Schuftan
– his presentation was different, unusual for Semi-permanent. I felt like I was at uni again in a theory lecture. Some guys near me said it was boring. For me, it was interesting because the talk was about neo-80s and as I was there the first time (before it was neo). He name dropped many of my 80s icons such as Madonna, Andy Warhol, MJ, Duran Duran as well as “future music” makers such as Daft Punk.
Some references: Susan Sontag, dada, surrealism, “perspective – master of infinite space” and he’s making a zine of this preso if you are keen to re/visit.
Craig Schuftan name checks Andy Warhol

Fecal Face
– this preso wasn’t so thrilling, I think he ran out of things to say. He showed his early work/influences – skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine. He did give some good advice.

Get a job not doing what you want to do, so when you get home, you really want to do it.

Fecal Face

Glue Society – a short presentation, he showed lots of ads and documentaries of ads they have made. They did The Chaser promo where they bought billboard space in remote countries for hardly any money but received crap loads of publicity. They made an ESPN Fantasy Team ad but I didn’t get it. Maybe something for my teenage Canadian cousins to appreciate.
Some references: Metal on Metal music video, The Gamekillers, 42 Below Because We Can campaign.
The Glue Society

Ashley Gilbertson
– this photojournalist dude was intense, he looked older than his years because of the shit that he’s seen. His talk was very serious, very intense, the subject matter of war images were disturbing. (His voice reminded me of Sideshow Bob though) It was very moving when he spoke about the series he photographed of dead soldier’s bedrooms. He was so passionate and expressed a sense of responsibility to tell the soldier’s stories.
Ashley Gilbertson - intense

and that concludes day one of Semi-permanent 2010…
oh there was also an exhibition to co-incide with Semi-permanent at Darling Park called Brought to You by the Letter T – a collaboration with Sesame Street and a a bunch of artists and T World Magazine. What I haven’t/couldn’t work out is if the t-shirts they designed are available to buy.
Brought to you by the Letter T

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Aug 30

Interesting South 3

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Remo Giuffré
Patrick Hofmann
Intelligent Design
Yummy sandwich rolls from Central Baking Depot!

I heard about this via Tom last year and was keen to check out their next event. Interesting South gathers a group of random “interesting” people and they get 5-8 minutes to talk about their interesting topic of choice in front of a paying audience. Here’s a quick review of what I thought of some of the speakers:
Anatomy of cool – Remo Giuffré. The host introduced him as the coolest guy he knows (or something like that), I thought, well he used to be cool. Remember he had the REMO boutique department store on Oxford Street, that later became Gowings and is now American Apparel. Remo sold quirky and classic items which were big in the early 90s. Remo General Store also had the coin operated black & white photo booth where my friends and I would regularly take silly photos. Anyway, the moral of the story was, a cool person can make an uncool thing cool, but an uncool person cannot become cool by wearing something that is cool – or something like that.
I also enjoyed the talk by:
Steve MaxwellStand up! Be counted! – He brought his own “soap box” aka milk crate.
Miles Merrill – Perform your own stories (reminded me of The Moth). He made everyone stand up and pretend they were a talking alien!
Patrick Hofmann’s – Away with words – Creating Icons and Images To Satisfy All Audiences. it was fascinating to see what children recognise as symbols for the telephone, save a file etc. Not the same thing we Gen X plus folk do!
Cale Bain – How improv can save the world. – Actually I’m getting confused about whether it was this one that reminded me of The Moth. This is what happens when you don’t completely geek out and take notes during the event. Not that it isn’t geeky enough, that I’m blogging about it afterwards.
We also received free snacks from Central Baking Depot and lots of bananas! As well as a Rhodia notebook and a pen. Overall, Interesting South 3 was a very interesting night and I really enjoyed it. It made me think about all those interesting (to me) things that I want to do…

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May 15

Semi Permanent 2009 review, Sydney

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I went to both days of Semi Permanent 2009 in early April but I never got around to blogging about it until now. Forgot my camera on the first day and forgot a pen the second day. So here goes (not that) briefly and a lot of point form.

Timba Smits from Wooden Toy Magazine.
I really liked Timba’s presentation, he was really personable and had a well prepared talk (that wasn’t too slick), he’s inspiring and insane (hand drawn type, doing a magazine that makes no money!). It was funny when he made the sign language lady sign the words: gimp gear! Other stuff he mentioned:

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