Nov 08

well I’ve been on “vacation” as they like to call it in North America. I’ve been to Toronto/Markham (Canada), New York City, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Zhongshan (China). So excuse me. I’ve got more than 2GB of pics to sort through, as you know, I like to label, annotate and reference my photos, so it’s going to be a while until you see them all. Well, you can see some Toronto ones on first up on Flickr if you like.

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Oct 02

The Godmother

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Dave & I become the godparents of our niece Jessica on Sunday. The Baptism was held in a big church in Newcastle, with a wonderful party at Rebecca & Chris’ afterwards.

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Jun 28

This morning a lady sitting next to me on the bus asked me what book I was reading. This is unusual, as people just don’t talk to each other on public transport anymore unless they’re crazy. I was reading It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff. She said that it sounded great and wanted to get a copy, then I decided to tell her about and Freecycling. She hadn’t heard of Freecycle – so I felt that I had performed some sort of community service on the bus this morning. I’ve read quite a few books on de-cluttering your home over the years, it all started when I moved out of home from my parents 4 bedroom house full of stuff in the burbs. These books don’t only give solutions on storage and organising, they also work on your mindset about getting rid of stuff. I admit I still have a lot of stuff at my parents’ house, but our place in the city is much better. I think we have a bit too much stuff in the city and I have changed my way thinking about why I’m holding on to it. I just need the time to start sorting it out for Freecycling or eBay’ing or throwing out. I wish I could find a Chinese version of this book to give to my dad!

Further reading: The Crazy Ebay Lady.. True Story

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Apr 09

Rebecca & Chris’ Wedding

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My sister-in-law Rebecca married Chris in a beautiful garden ceremony at the Hunter Valley. A lunch reception followed afterwards. The bride looked so happy & beautiful, see pics here
Congratulations Rebecca & Chris!

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Nov 28


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The Church
Friday Night – collected Dave (very drunk) from his work Xmas party at Darling Harbour. Checked out the seminal Aussie rock band The Church at The Rocks Markets. Nice fireworks display on the harbour.
Karin's Housewarming
Saturday – Breakfast at the Lemon on Crown Street (“Once were locals”). Disco nap. Karin’s housewarming in Coogee. Lots of 80’s music pleased me!
Rozie Bowls Check out my form!
Sunday – Family friend’s combined 60th Birthday party at Artarmon Bowling Club. Yes, there was lawn bowling in the 30+ degree temperatures! Then down to Tamarama beach for a mini – dip. Went home and Dave poured me a cup of peppermint tea. Ahhhhhhhh.

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Jul 31

Kevin Mun Wai Yuen

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Last photo of Goong Goong
1.10.1913 – 31.07.2004
My Goong Goong (my mum’s dad) passed away after a long, long, long illness with dementia which became a form of Alzheimer’s. :sad::sad::sad: This photo was taken on Sunday 25 July at home in Parramatta.
Funeral details:
Northern Suburbs Crematorium;
North Chapel;
Tue 10 August 2004
from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
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