May 20

I have a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment. We are fortunate enough that if I don’t get a job straight away, we will be OK (for a little while). I’m getting over the hurt, and looking towards the future. Thank you all for your support during this difficult time – my career just died.
I’ve been busy working on the zine for this Sunday as well as applying for some work. While taking my time to read the newspaper, I realised that the Sydney Writer’s Festival starts today. Although I saw the events calender a month ago, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to attend a lot of things during the day because of work. But now… ha… I have time to enjoy a few things I am interested in. I’m thinking about doing this: Digital Storytelling 2 Day Workshop. Other things that have caught my interest at the SWF:
Re-imagining Australia
Chris Wallace and Megan Lewis explore Australian symbolism and imagery.
127: Design Outlook: Australian Book Designers and their Visions
Book designers discuss creating Australian books that stand out in a crowd.
Hot Chocolate: The Dark Sweet Side of the City
A chocolate tasting walking tour of Sydney. Hosted by John Newton whom I saw at the supermarket last week (who would be appalled at my terrible writing skills here).
The Secret Life of Backpackers
30 days, 30 nights, 30 hangovers. Barry Divola discusses his insights into backpacker culture. I love Barry Divola’s work! He wrote Fan Club which is awesome and you should read it if you love music.

I also cleaned up and vacuumed around home today, gave some InDesign help to Mrs BJ for her zine and for dinner I prepared this simple pumpkin soup with Dave’s help.

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May 15

Bad news

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I was made redundant at work today 🙁
Now what am I going to do with my life?

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May 14

You may have noticed my recent entries have been quite negative and critical, so I thought I’d write about some other stuff going on.
I am making my first ever zine called “Australian Rozie” (funny that)! I’ll be selling them at the MCA Zine Fair on Sunday 25 May 2008. I’ll be sharing a table with Aliza from work and Becky Jo & co. I’ve always wanted to make a zine, I used to pick them up when I was in high school and recently there has been a resurgence of zine making amongst people I know. So it’s a bit of a “perzine” – a personal zine where I’ll write about stuff I’m into and give worldly advice. Just like this blog I guess. The fun part is I get to design it myself, which is a change from work where I never get to chose my own layout, fonts or colours, there’s either a corporate style guide to follow or some art director tells me what to do. My zine will be all ME ME ME! 🙂
Who knows if anyone will buy one, I don’t even know how much to sell it for. Hope to see some of you guys at the Zine Fair – it’s part of Sydney’s Writer’s Festival too.

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May 10

While I was doing my Sydney Town Hall Steps thing on Tuesday, JTV were getting people to listen to and view some new tracks on an iPod. I went up to say hello to Rosie and introduced myself (Rozie meets Rosie!), then I ended up being interviewed. Rosie Beaton asked questions such as: Do you like it? Would you dance to it? What kind of fruit would this be? See some pics here. The first track was by Grafton Primary. I quite liked it (Relativity) and it has a cool video with trippy graphics in the background and I like the strap on keyboard/synth action. I mentioned it was a bit like The Presets (I’ve really been getting into them recently). Though I feel like everyone is channelling Dave Gahan through voice or image at the moment.
So I watched JTV today because I was hoping to see myself (I love myself on tv 😉 ) and there I was for a few seconds! Later on during the show, The Presets were on. I’ve read a few articles about them saying they used to go to clubs (like Club 77) and raves. I said to Dave that I don’t think I ever saw them around (back in the day), but they probably didn’t look so “outstanding” back then. Anyway, later on we went shopping in the city, while having a Max Brenner chocolate break in David Jones, one of them walked past us.

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Apr 07

Being thankful

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I’ve been reading a lot of blog entries about “being thankful” recently, so I’ve decided I should do one too.
Things I am thankful for: (BTW this isn’t some Jesus thing)
I have a wonderful husband.
I have my health (sort of, not really)
I have a job (even though I’m writing this at 11:30pm from work).
That’s it for now. I’m going home.
Some bloggers do weekly thankful lists, I may do that too.

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Mar 07


Originally uploaded by Australian Rozie

We stayed at the Novotel, it was a bit out of the main drag (10-15 minute walk). As we arrived, an old church was having it’s spire connected which was quite exciting. We turned up to the Novotel at about 11am & our room was not ready yet. We were told to leave our bags and come back later. I was wondering about my special “Warhol” package. It included 2 tickets to the show, taxi (cab charge type thing), discount voucher for the Andy Warhol Supermarket and free breakfast. What did they think I came to this town to do??? Of course I wanted my tickets for the Warhol show. The girl at the reception told me that her manager had the tickets but she had gone away. I went a bit “Sydney” and said, “I want them NOW because I came to Brisbane to see Warhol, and I’m not sitting around waiting for the manager to come back. I want to see Warhol NOW!” Turned out they were in a drawer at reception. Thanks. When we got to our room later that day, they was a bit of mess on a side table: some used tissues, lolly wrappers and papers! I was like eww! So we went back to reception and they gave us another room. Then, when we came back to the room that night, our key pass wasn’t working and I was busting to go to the loo. So back downstairs to get a new pass. See what I mean about random service???
I wrote all about the Warhol show in my previous entry. I enjoyed catching the ferry from New Farm to Southbank 2. Southbank was similar to Melbourne’s Southbank with it’s restaurants and shopping area. We enjoyed a French meal at Piaf. N & G recommended it because it’s new and good value. This is where I got a little celeb spotting, Jacki Weaver was eating at Piaf too.
My birthday was on Sunday, Dave and I enjoyed a big buffet breakfast. I have to say it was probably the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had. So much variety, good quality and delicious food. Even bulk scrambled eggs were done well.
We checked out the Queensland Art Gallery – a small but concise collection of good Australian and International art. I looked at the feature exhibition: The Watercolours of Kenneth Macqueen. Then I was like, is that it? – I thought there was going to be more stuff upstairs, but there wasn’t 🙁 Oh well I’ve been spoilt in Sydney and with my recent trip to NYC and San Fran.

T & T managed to find all the cool shopping areas, there were some very good shops in the Valley including Fallow (the secret store), Blonde Venus (which had the Opening Ceremony stuff I hadn’t seen yet) and Outpost. I was surprised how quiet Chinatown was for a Sunday afternoon. We had some average Vietnamese from a shop that didn’t seem to have any Vietnamese working there.
My thoughts on Brisbane: (the last visit was Expo ’88) – it wasn’t very BrisVegas . We had beautiful sunny weather on both days and it’s a bit more laidback than Sydney. I don’t think I could cope living here but it’s a nice place to visit every 20 years;)

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Feb 03

Dave was away in Melbourne at his geek conference all last week so I was a bit lonely. That was the longest we have been apart in 10 years! As it was a long weekend, I took the opportunity to hangout with Josie & Mark at the Optus One80 awards night in Harmony Park and went to the AGNSW to check out Sidney Nolan’s Retrospective with Nads & TBKP. For once I was the “single” hanging out with the couples. Different, unusual. I had some Uighur food for dinner with Mr T & T-bird one night. Another night was pies & mash at The Lord Nelson with Aunty D, Paul & his UK niece, Sarah.

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Jan 04

New Year’s Resolutions

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I’m putting it in writing and hoping they stick.
• Be a “Compactor” in January
• Get my NSW Driver’s Licence (I know, I know)
Couch to 5kms
Wish me luck 🙂

And Happy New Year to you.

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Jul 17

I’ve really raised my expectations of hairdressing service by going to Brad Ngata Hair Direction for the past 5 years. To save money, I decided to try the new place downstairs from my apartment. I know it was risk to let someone other than the 2005 & 2006 Hair Expo ‘Australian Hairdresser of the Year’ touch my hair but I tested them out with a fringe trim a few weeks ago. The guy did a pretty good job and gave me a freebie (in anticipation of further business from me). So I took the big step and made an appointment at midday on Saturday. The actual haircut turned out fine, I just told them to keep it the same style but I tell you, there is a huge difference between a $200 haircut from the salon of Brad Ngata (where ‘You’re the star, sweetheart’) and the $50 Chinese place downstairs when it comes to atmosphere and service. At Brad’s the appointments always run near on time, they offer you magazines, coffee or tea in funky surroundings (Stark mirrors, Marimekko soft furnishings). At “the Chinese” there were little tv monitors at each station, but they were already blasting out the Justin Timberlake on the overhead speakers, so I didn’t really want to watch Casino Royale at the same time! I had to ask for a drink of water, which they promptly brought to me but it was hot water (yeah I know, they are Chinese, they don’t drink cold water). After staring at myself in the mirror for about 15 minutes, I had to ask for some magazines to read. What kind of hair dressers don’t have lots of trashy mags on hand for people to read?? It was 50 minutes until the stylist came to cut my hair. I noticed an Asian lady with a perm was getting her hair blow dried straight before me! The only 2 redeeming features of the experience was that they rinsed my hair after they cut it to get all the stray hairs out and I had a coupon to get $10 off the $50 hair cut. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience, but what can a princess with a mortgage do?

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Jun 28

This morning a lady sitting next to me on the bus asked me what book I was reading. This is unusual, as people just don’t talk to each other on public transport anymore unless they’re crazy. I was reading It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff. She said that it sounded great and wanted to get a copy, then I decided to tell her about and Freecycling. She hadn’t heard of Freecycle – so I felt that I had performed some sort of community service on the bus this morning. I’ve read quite a few books on de-cluttering your home over the years, it all started when I moved out of home from my parents 4 bedroom house full of stuff in the burbs. These books don’t only give solutions on storage and organising, they also work on your mindset about getting rid of stuff. I admit I still have a lot of stuff at my parents’ house, but our place in the city is much better. I think we have a bit too much stuff in the city and I have changed my way thinking about why I’m holding on to it. I just need the time to start sorting it out for Freecycling or eBay’ing or throwing out. I wish I could find a Chinese version of this book to give to my dad!

Further reading: The Crazy Ebay Lady.. True Story

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