May 15

Semi Permanent 2009 review, Sydney

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I went to both days of Semi Permanent 2009 in early April but I never got around to blogging about it until now. Forgot my camera on the first day and forgot a pen the second day. So here goes (not that) briefly and a lot of point form.

Timba Smits from Wooden Toy Magazine.
I really liked Timba’s presentation, he was really personable and had a well prepared talk (that wasn’t too slick), he’s inspiring and insane (hand drawn type, doing a magazine that makes no money!). It was funny when he made the sign language lady sign the words: gimp gear! Other stuff he mentioned:

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Apr 16

Smitten with Style seminar

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I went along to this Wardrobe Planning & Personal Style Workshop in March. After a year of trying hard to Compact last year, I’ve really gone the other way when it comes to buying new clothes. The seminar was interesting and it did well to include a group of about 15 really different aged and sized women. They really skimmed through the sorting out your wardrobe part. That’s something I have to work out on my own unless I pay for a personalised Wardrobe Consultation. Participants were asked to bring in an item from their wardrobe that they wanted advice on. I brought in a new pair of grey Country Road jeans that I bought (on sale) and tried to ask as many questions as possible in the few minutes I had with the stylist. Eg. How high should I take these jeans up to? Where is a good place to buy & get bras fitted? What is my body shape? There was a plentiful morning tea/lunch spread but hardly any of it was eaten. Maybe everyone was watching their weight??? The cost was $75 which I thought was a bit expensive, but I did find out that my body shape is rectangle, when I thought I was a small pear 😉 I also received a goodie bag which I wasn’t expecting. I think their peronalised service would be really worthwhile if I could justify the cost.

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