Jun 25

25 June – let them eat cake

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25 June

These two cakes represent the two decades Sarah, our intern at work has achieved. There’s been a lot of birthdays in the office this month… is there such thing as too much cake???

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Jun 05

June 5 – Crazy weather day – yeah, I’m boring, I’m talking about the weather.

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Northmead Bowling Club

Dessert specials at Northmead Bowling Club

Today I did a photo shoot with my friend Bandaged Bear at Northmead Bowling Club. Luckily, the sun was out and it wasn’t too cold. Afterwards, we ate in the bowling club’s bistro and for the princely sum of $9 I got a serving of fish & chips, extra veges, a soft drink (or middy) and dessert!

Later on the weather turned, by the time I left the office, it was wet, cold and windy. Glad I didn’t drive, it would have taken so long to get home.

Wet & windy Elizabeth Street

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Jun 30

Happy EOFY

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Far out! It’s half way through 2010. I tell you, the older you get the faster the year goes.
It’s the end of the financial year – hurrah. Do I need to give you a summary of how my finances went over the past 12 months? I don’t think so. The best thing about it was starting a permanent position: doing a job I enjoy, working with a really great team and not being stressed out all the time. The only thing that stresses me out is the long travel to and from work.
So this marks the end of a resolution to blog every day for a month. OK, so I cheated a few times with back dating, but in the future, all you will remember is that I managed to blog every day in June 2010! Can I stop now?
Thank you and goodnight.

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May 15

Happy one year redundancy anniversary to me

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It is exactly one year ago today that I (or my position) was made redundant at ad agency X. I just noticed that at least 15 of the people in this staff photo do not work there any longer. I was so depressed when it happened. Obviously, if it happened to me today, it wouldn’t be so surprising. Boo for the GEC. Since then, I have done freelance and contract work, completed a Certificate IV, holding 2 different jobs and not paid myself any super for 12 months… geez, my life is so much better for it ;p

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